Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SHFS Challenge Week 6 stats

I am so sorry once again that this is late! Good news though ~ with this being my last week of school, the next (last two) stats will be reported on time!

This week's winner is CHRISTINE!! Way to go Christine for getting back on board and blowing us all out of the water this week! Martha is in the overall lead!
SW: 191.4
CW: 186.4
Weight lost this week: 4.8 pounds or 2.51%
Overall lost in this challenge: 4.6 pounds or 2.40%

SW: 220
Weight lost gained this week: 3pounds or 1.36%
Overall loss in this challenge: 15 pounds or 6.82%

SW: 143.3
CW: 1.35.4
Weight lost this week: 1.5 pounds or 1.05%
Overall loss in this challenge 7.9 pounds or 5.51 %

SW: 268
CW: 254
Weight lost this week: 0.5 pounds or 0.19%
Overall loss in this challenge: 14 pounds or 5.22 %

SW: 156.5
CW: 148.7
Weight loss this week: 3.1 pounds or 1.98%
Overall loss in this challenge: 7.8 pounds or 4.98%

SW: 211.6
CW: 201.6
Weight loss this week: 1.4 pounds or 0.66%
Overall loss in this challenge: 10 pounds or 4.73%
SW: 187
CW: 179
Weight loss this week: 2 pounds or 1.07%
Overall loss in this challenge: 8 pounds or 4.28%

SW: 168.5
CW: 165.5
Weight loss  gained this week: 2 pounds or 1.78%
Overall loss in this challenge: 3 pounds or 1.78%

No stats to report ~ she will report for week 7

No stats to report ~ :( We miss you Lucrecia!

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  1. Ok I'm going to sound dumb here but how do you do the percentage?

    Thanks for all this Sheila.


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