Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SHFS Challenge Week 6 Weigh in

This is the official post for this week's weigh in! Once I get all the totals ( or by Thurs evening) I will begin prepping the stats and have them posted as soon as I can. Thank you once again for being patient with last week's stats that took so long to post.

Not sure what MY scale is going to say ~ guess we will have to see! I know that I did the work, and watched the calories (nutrients) so who knows! The goodnews is.. when this challenge is over, my journey will still be ongoing!! =)
Info needed:
amount lost/gained this week 


  1. Lost 3.1 lbs this week

    Don't ask how - I just did what I could, and focused on life rather than stressin.

    Good luck ladies!!!

  2. Great job Annalisa! I had a GAIN of 2 pounds, even though I worked my bootay off, and accounted for every calorie. There WILL be a loss next week. I feel so darn ashamed.

  3. Starting weight: 268
    Last week: 254.5
    Current: 254
    Loss this week: 0.5 lbs
    total loss: 14 lbs

    Oh well...

  4. This week: -4.8
    Total loss: -4.6

    I was *so* swollem last week, glad it turned out to be water weight!!!!

  5. This week - 179 - lost 2 pounds
    Total loss is 8 lbs. yay!

    Posted a Greek salad recipe to take to your next backyard BBQ!

    Path to Health

  6. No worries Ms Sheila! It's probably all muscle gain anyway - it's the body transformation that counts... and I bet you feel great from all that work. Keep your head up. You're doing your best :)

  7. Sheila, you're NOT alone :( I gained 3 pounds this week which brings me to 205 lbs. I lost a total of 15 pounds in this challenge, I am very disappointed. I wanted to be 195 lbs by the end of this challenge but I doubt I can lose 10 pounds in two weeks :o) sigh

  8. Hey ladies - been out of town again but not as much time to myself as last time and didnt pack the scale this time so for me:

    This week (+/-) ??

    I really need to post to my blog, not been good for almost a week now. Ugh.

  9. Loss of 1.4# It was a shock when I stepped on the scale.


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