Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SHFS Challenge Week 7 Weigh Ins

Hard to believe how fast this time has flown in this challenge. I have learned alot about myself, and each of you along this journey. I say let's annie up and make the most we can out of this last week!!

This is the "Official" weigh in blog post for your weigh in's for week 7 (Wednesday May 20th). Feel free to just post the amount you have lost/gained. I have been pretty good about keeping the stats  on hard copy here at home, so yay me!!

As for this challenge ending... anyone up for another one or do you want a "break". ( I haven't decided if I want to host it or not ~ so if someone out there wants to let me know!)


  1. I'm totally falling out of the challenge, still maintaining at 205 lbs :\ going through a rough time but I shall overcome... any day now ;-) I would totally be up for another challenge :)

  2. I forgot to mention thank you Sheila for all your hard work during this challenge!

  3. I'm doing well on the challenge and am definitely interested in another challenge :) this group has done wonders for me and I really appreciate you ladies. This morning I hit a 50 pound loss milestone I'm 249!! Woohoo! :)

  4. Sheila, I tried to access Annalisa's blog but it wouldn't work for me. Are you having problems too?

  5. Sheila, thankyou so much for this challenge, it has helped me immensely. I'm actually working on a challenge to be Fabulous N Fit by Fall, my birthday is Sept 25th, so just a couple days after the equinox. I'll be posting information on my blog this week. I was just going to do my own personal challenge, but thought I would open it to everyone as I know I do better when I have to 'report' to a challenge.

  6. Heather ~ that would be awesome!! Just let me know when you have it all up and I will "link" up with ya! (My birthday is Sept 1st so I am aiming for goal by then, but the motivation of a challenge will be helpful!).

    Martha ~ I have been able to access it actually. Maybe there was just a hiccup when you tried.

    NOw.. for my weigh in this morning ~ are you ready for it?

    159!! That is a loss of 6 pounds this week!

  7. LW: 135.4 lbs
    CW: 139.0
    + 3.6 lbs

    I know this weeks weight is up...but still below my goal. TOM started yesterday so I know alot of it is water weight. Next weeks final weigh in should be a good one...

    Good luck with the final week of the SHBSC everyone. Make the best of it... Congrats to everyone who has lost weight this week and don't feel discourage if you didn't. Just pick yourself up, dust off your lapel, and push yourself to make healthy choices this week...

  8. LW: 254 lbs
    CW: 249 lbs
    5 pound loss!!!

    Woohoo, I'm in the 240's! *happy dancing all over the place*

    I also hit the 50 pound milestone since February!

    I want another challenge, my birthday is at the end of August so I'm in!

    Have a great week everyone and thanks for all your support.


  9. Everyone is doing so well! I would love to hop right into a new challenge so let us know.

    This week: 185.4 (-1.4)

  10. I'm up one pound. So back to 7lbs total lost. I flurbert you, scale! ;-)
    Path to Health

  11. As mentioned on my blog, my scale died - still dead. So I'm weighing in with Tuesday's weight:

    Gain 3.1 lbs (so funny because that is exactly what I lost last week.)

    I am not letting it bother me though because I'm pretty sure that if I could have weighed in today it would be down because I'm getting back in the swing of things. No worries!

    As for a new challenge, Heather mentioned that she wanted to start a Fabulous N Fit by Fall challenge that sounded good to me... maybe I could do both if you were going for it too... Maybe I should consider getting a scale before starting anything yet LOL

    Great results girls - especially Sheila, I'm proud of you!!!

  12. PS. That still puts me at down 1 lb from two weeks ago :)

  13. Forgot to post my weight...I gained this week PRAYING it's water/tom gain as I'm back up to 210.2# Ready to cry here....That's an 8.6# gain... :( NOT happy with myself.


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