Friday, May 8, 2009

Summer's comin!

I honestly can't wait for summer to show up! For me , that is just two more weeks away. For my children it is four more weeks away. Our first dip in the lovely chlorinated water we call a swimming pool will come in just two weeks! I cant wait!! Hard though to believe that we are about to celebrate another Mother's Day, soon to also celebrate our Wedding Anniversary of 14 years!! Then just a few days after that, Summer begins for me, we have Memorial day, and then...... the twins turn 7! SEVEN!! Wow!

This afternoon the kids and I are going to the park! We are going to have a blast, and I am just going to let them play ( and play with them) until they completely tucker out. Then it will be home to shower up, and maybe enjoy Subway sammies during a good family run of UNO!

I know I haven't been blogging much on my family, and things happening in our home. This has really been the first week in a long time I wasn't so focused on myself. Not that I have neglected my children, or my husband, but I have spent too much time focusing on *ME* and what *I* want in my health. But, because I have changed how I am eating, yet again, I have also changed how every other family member in this house is eating (except for Pumpkin ~ our red tabby ~). Once, school is out I will be skipping the mid section of the grocery store for the most part of our cooking and eating. We love eating fresh fruit and veggies, and I can honestly say my kids are SICK of poptarts! FINALLY!! Shew! And, in their own little ways, they are yearning for more healthy foods too! I love that! I love that I don't have to preach, or be the bad guy by taking the yucky things away, they are wanting to give them up on their own.

The kids are sleeping better, and their behavior is much better because I have limited how many times they can buy lunch at school.  In fact one of them refuses to buy anyway, so yay!! I love knowing what my kids are eating ~ usually a sandwhich, a few chips, yogurt or a cereal bar, and maybe a granola bar or some fruit. They don't come home BEGGING for a snack, though they get one ( usually a banana, or some watermelon) and I dont' hear another "I'm starving!!!" until they sit down at the dinner table. My family is evolving into this little "machine" geared toward livng a more healthy lifestyle without so much "sacrafice" or struggle. Pretty interesting to watch, to experience. Now, if we can only get Dad to get moving a bit more!! I am hoping he will join us at the park today.

I hope to share some recent pics of the kids with ya soon!


  1. Sheila, isn't it awesome when the kids choose healthy options over high fat and high sugar. My daughter used to beg for "Sally and White Sauce" when she was little... aka, Salad with Ranch Dressing. She LOVES veggies... including Brussels Sprouts, Spinach, Pinto Beans, etc. Very few that she won't eat.

    The thing that worries me though, is she is so concious about her weight. She's thin, very thin...but she eats, she's healthy, so I don't worry too much as I was just as thin at her age. She's got a VERY HIGH Motabolism. But when she makes the comments about her pooch or that she's freaks because she hit the triple digits, it makes me worry some too.

    Hope you had an awesome day at the park with the kids. I bet you had loads of fun as did they.


  2. I have noticed that my family is eating better because *I* am eating better, our influence as mothers and wives is purely amazing!

    I can't wait for summer, my goal will be to finally go out in public WITHOUT a jacket on :o) maybe in a few years, I will wear a bathing suit in front of my family LOL

    Have a great day toots!


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