Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friendships, the good ships!

Ya singin yet? Here let me help you... 'On the good ship, lolipop.." LOL!

Today, actually this summer already has been a good time for me to rekindle some friendships with my friends. Not just any friends, but my real friends. The ones who love you for you who are, and don't try to change you, don't look down on you because your not like them, and are excited to see you, even on a bad hair day!

One of my dearest friends, was in town today, and so Charles and I headed off to meet Mindy for lunch. We had such a great time just talking, sharing, and letting one another be who we are. The older I get I realize how important it is to keep those friendships alive, and tended to. I am getting that chance time after time so far this summer, and I can't wait for what God has in store for me. For so long, I have prayed for friendships that were fruitful, and not hurtful. It seems I am a magnet for needy people, but the problem is when you dont' have what they need anymore they drop ya till they need ya again.Whatever that need may be whether it is someone to gossip with, financial need, what have you. I am done giving "fertilization" to those kinds of relationships, and on to rekindling and rebuilding the ones that are worth the effort. Lunch today was a good effort towards that. It was a good time. Mindy is someone I can share every single secret with and pretty  much have. Lol! She has seen me when I first wake up, and when it is way past my bedtime! She has seen me have a fun frolic through the Dollar Tree during Christmas fully loaded on Starbucks! *giggle*

Do you have frienships that could use some rekindling? I urge to wait not one day to do that.

Signs your frienship is worth giving the effort into:
1. You/your friend gives equal attention. This is simply meant as one is not the one always making the effort to build and stabalize it. (You both call each other, make plans to see one another, remember one another's birthday)
2. They build you up, and not tear you down. (When your down and out do you/does your friend build one another up, reminding one another that this is just a moment in time, and not a lifetime?)
3. They accept you for who you are ~ not what you can be, nor a project that they can turn you in to.

I love my friends. I know some friends are meant to be in my life for eternity, others for a brief moment. I embrace each one for what they are, and don't try to make something happen that isn't natural. Does it hurt to let a friend go? Absolutely. But sometimes it is best for the both of you. And then there are those friendships that are lifetime, and they are often easy! They don't take effort because they just naturally happen. I have even made some friends that I have not met face to face! They encourage me in ways even some of my so called friends in real life couldn't even compare to.

One thing for sure, tonight when I go to bed, I wll be praying for each of my friends. Those from the past, the present, and the future. I will also give thanks for each one!

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  1. Oh how true!! I've been bound by expensive friendships my whole life which is one of the main reasons why I like to stick to my family members. I always felt that I had to 'buy' their times to be worth their attention, they would make me pay for their lunch during school and I'd treat them to an outfit or two. They would even scoff when I asked them to help with my lunch :o) geez, I was so blind!!

    This post is very accurate, I'm glad you shared it with us today!


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