Friday, June 26, 2009

A Letter To Me ~ June Edition

Dear Me,
It is June, actually the end of june, already! That means, half the year is gone. Wow! In the first six months of this year, you have learned so much about who you really are. As you have embraced just the summer, JUST in the month of June alone, you have made leaps and bounds in uncovering the you that was burried in self doubt and negativity brought on by your own emotional garbage dump. For along time that is what you had, a garbage dump. Not only did you have your own garbage but you allowed everyone else's garbage to have free storage space within you as well. Now, that so much of that is uncovered and in many ways you still feel that rough bareness longing for sweeter things to feel you ~ and now you have to find what needs to fill that whole. Yesterday you proclaimed a fast from the computer from social sites of all kinds (excluding the blog). Why did you do this? Just as a brief reminder, it is because .. now that the garbage dump has been cleaned out, emptied, and sterilized, you must take this break, before you allow that empty spot to be filled with the unlovely again. You may lose friends, followers, and miss out on a few good "conversations", but, in the long run, you will be filling that whole with the very presence of God, and the Holy Spirit! You will begin a deeper search into the scriptures because as June ends, July begins. When July begins, the preplanning for another school year begins as well. We promised ourself at the end of this past school year, that we would set aside the month of July to pray earnestly for the students, teachers, administration of the preschool, as well as your children's school. So, these last few days of June are so important for you to focus on you! Not susy nobody who has countless problems of her own, yet won't face any of them head on. You don't have time to worry about keepng up with liky lala either! You just have time to be you, and to work on you! This break should be a good break, yet I know how painful it will be. How painful it already is. You have got to stop looking to others for approval, for a since of accomplishment, for strength. My strength shall come from the Lord!
As you embark on a weekend with family, leave with one thought in mind. You are worth every ounce of effort you put into seeking the right path for your life, including how you spend your time. (good, better, best) and how you allow your family to spend theirs.

May God bless you as you begin to move into July.
Love always,

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