Saturday, June 6, 2009

Renewed and Refreshed

I am in much bette spirits today, I have a feeling a few of you out there have prayed for me. Yesterday was just an "off" day, and I wasn't feeling well either. I didn't make the best food choices, but I was seeking comfort. My allergies are full blown, thanks to a cold front that blew through the other day. The great thing about these late cool fronts though, is they keep things out in the gulf and East Carribean pushed out further way from Hurricane ville! LOL

Anyway, we had a nice relaxing evening last night, and all of us got some really good sleep! I actually woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed so yay! We are going to a grad party this afternoon (mid day) and we may come home early enough to jump in the pool for a bit. THAT will be fun! Housework is pretty  much done for the weekend, and though we will have towels and such, I can do those at anytime. Now that the kids are home, and we are pretty much staying in most of the week next week, with the exception of going to a friends house to visit and swim one day, for the entire week! I am looking forward to the "lazy" days of summer and I think that was an issue for me yesterday. For so long I have been busy busy busy that taking some slower days ( even though everything is getting done) just seems so "out of place" for me ~ yet I do love them! I love being so relaxed, and calm!

There is someone who has been a part of my life that I miss, but to be honest, that person is very toxic. The personality, the way that person is always looking for the negative in everything ~ and then blaming others for things that happen, and I think that is what part of my problem was yesterday. You know, kind of like a recovering alchoholic who is seeking for one last quick fix. Why? Why would I subject myself to that when it is the complete opposite of my natural self and anything I would want to become? It's like watching an accident and wishing you were in it. YUCK! Sick I tell ya, but that is the clarity that is coming to mind. Wow. That was the "void" I was talking about, because I am seriously limiting my exposure to negative people. For a long time I thought "Maybe I can help , by them being exposed to someone who loves life and is always looking for the good in things" but I realize what happend ~ I lost a part of me. I gave it away. And the sad thing it isn't just one person, it is at least 3 very close people to me. THREE! I can't take that anymore, even if it means withdrawing from family and close friends. My kids do not need to be exposed to that, as they are not used to it either. In fact one of the three children refuses to stay with one person, because he is always afraid he is going to get yelled at. Pretty sad huh? Especially when this little one is so loving, so calm, so joyful ` just like his momma! LOL

Enough about that! And my lovely blogger friends who commented yesterday, I know without a doubt that you are all there to support me! You have helped pull me out of some dark places, and I thank you for that! I love each of you like I can never explain!! Thank you for your loving support!

Now.. on to some fun pics!

Kristen, Holton (blue float), Charles (green float) in our backyard oasis!

Charles jumpin right on in!

Holton warmin up before jumpin back in! LOL

Kristen giving "peace out" sign!

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