Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday's musings ~ Little things

As I sit here this Saturday morn, enjoying my coffee and listening to the sounds of my family, I realize how different we are (our family compared to most others). And how different my heart desires to be from the norm. I long to be the presence of God, yet I realize I have to make the effort. Any effort really, and He is right there. I see through the eyes of Him how lovely my family is, and I long to to just sit and cry of feelings so overwhelming. God has blessed me with a hard working man, one that I love and honor and adore, yet I dont know that he knows all that. My dh has a sense of humor that I am overly sensitive to, and take too much that is said to heart. I was angry walla go, but now realize that he was only "kidding". Lord give me the ability to not only see with your eyes as I have asked this morning, but to also begin hearing with your ears, not mine!

I am not much of a morning person, though I have throughout the years have begun maturing in my attitude and getting up with my dh. I like to see him in the morning when he leaves for work, and if the only words we speak are " I love you" and "have a good day", it is enough! I (especially in the Summer) am not very productive in the mornings. I like to chill reading blogs, drinking coffee and yes, playing on Farm Town on facebook. Don't get me wrong, I am not a lazy person, I am just very laid back in the mornings. I am working on that though, at least on a few things.

This summer our temps are already so warm, and you add into that using the oven in the heat of the day, you end up with a harder working ac, and an uncomfy kitchen. Our kitchen has one of those old fashioned doors that swing open and shut, so I have begun closing it mid day, and keeping the heat trapped in that part of the house and it helps, but yet there are times I want to make my family a loaf of homemade bread to go with their dinner. Well, I haven't done it yet, because of the heat issue, but if I would just do it early in the morning, it would still be there, and could just be warmed up, or even toasted w/ a bit of garlic! YUMMY! (yeah ~ I don't eat it but I love the smell of it!)

Little things. That is what I am wanting to embrace each and every day. The little things. I have made some big changes in our home again ~ though they are not "new". Up until Christmas vacation my radio station did not leave KSBJ ( a Contemporary Christian Station here in the Houston Area). But when you head out of town, alot of local stations fade, and we did the dial play! I found a new station I loved immediatly though I must say it was mainstream ~ not Christian. For a while I allowed it played in the home, in the car, anywhere we are. Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against mainstream music. As a singer, and one who is completely moved and motivated by music, I truly do listen to everything. But I began to notice changes in my children and their attitude. We don't use curse words (my husband might, but he is getting so much better!) in our home, and I do not allow a disrespective attitidue towards anyone. ( even siblings). More and more of this has begun to occur. Some shows ( childrens programing) were taken away, and it subsided a bit. But, there was something there.... and it hit me when I changed my music player for my blogs the other day ( yes again!). The music... it is effecting them more then I realized. So, here at home, and in the car, we have either been listening to CD's, KSBJ, classical music, or another christian station. I realize as a parent, and one who knows how BIG of a responsibility that is how decieving the little things that creep into our children's minds effect everything they are about.

We have also slacked in our family devotion time, which is now back on track ~ Praise the Lord! I am excited to see the changes in our childrens attitudes as well as my own in the coming weeks. I knew Sunday, in my heart and my mind that things were changing. And changing for the good! I have been putting my links to the blogs that I write into my facebook account, because well, what better way to really get to know me. I am a simple and old fashioned kinda gal! I believe in showing my family that I love them through food, through time together, and through every day experiences, not for what I could buy them, or how many activities I can cram in their little lives. I do not want for much in my life, and for that I am eternally grateful. I have a home that is paid for, a husband who loves me unconditionall, is an awsome provider and my best friend, three GREAT kids who have so much to give this world. I have books to read, friends to share good times ( and bad) with, there is just so much I am grateful for. My heart is full, and again, I lack for nothing! So if you read through my blog and you think wow, this woman is pretty pathetic and old fashioned, thanks! I dont live a lavish lifestyle, nor do I want to! I am a pretty simple gal, and I love it that way! I love the little things in life. They are what makes us who we are, who we become, and honestly who we long to be.

Well, you have a blessed day now! IF this is the first time you have come to my blog, I encouarge you to read through the older entries! I have several others listed under my profile too!

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