Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Turning things around

Earlier I began a new topic that I am going to take a while to explore. If you have ever had to use the "s" word to yourself because nothing else stopped the negative self talk, then you will be wanting to tune in. If your one of the lucky ones who is constantly giving yourself reaffirmation and nice thoughts, then eh ~ you might wanna pass!

For far too long I can remember talking negatively to myself. I mean, I was nine and worried about my weight ~ worried about being a failure as a daughter, a student, a friend. At nine! Never was I taught to be nice to myself. Sure I was told "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all", but never knew it to be true about myself. I never realized nor was the thought ever shared with me, that I needed to love myself enough to nurture kind thoughts ~ even about me. Even though I am as far in my hourney as I am, I still struggle daily with the negative self talk. Today it is ending. I am determined to turn things around. Shanti's video really inspired me, and even helped me say NO to myself and to make better choices even just today.

It feels good to be on track again, and moving in ways I haven't moved. Emotionally, and physically. I am tired of constantly being "too sensitive" which is caused from that low self esteem and tons of negative self talk. It never fails I get upset at some wise crack, that I know not to be true, yet I let it bug me. Then I process it emotionally and internally store in my databank for when I need a good kick in my good moods.

Somtimes I feel not so worthy of anything ~ including getting to goal. BUT that is what has to change. I am worthy of every ounce of effort it will take to get there. Every meal I substitute to make a better choice. Every event, I choose to attend and enjoy. From time to time, it is easy to go back to the negative crap ~ just because that is what feels so "comfortable". If that person who makes me feel so loley, isn't around, I just take up where they left off. CRAZY!

So, I thought I would share some of my negative thoughts, and show you how to turn them around!

Negative: Oh man. I don't want to get out of bed!!
Postiive: I get to get up and start a whole new day! A whole new day on this journey to become a healthier and happier person.

Negative: I wish I could eat *that* (whatever someone else is shoving in their face).
Positive: I could eat that if I want to, but I know that it will not make me feel very good. Intead I am going to find something that will not only taste good, but will give me the energy I need to enjoy my day.

Negative: I am so fat.
Positive: I am getting healthier and leaner every single day I pay attnetion to my food, mind, and body.

Negative: I will never get to goal!
Positive: This is teaching me so much, and if I had hit goal early on, I wouldn't know what I know now.

No success story have I read ended up with the person getting to their goal because they were negative about themslves, their situation, and all things around them. Isn't it time, we take a stand, and allow ourselves to think about all the good things??

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