Thursday, July 23, 2009

24 days of M&E : Before and After Photos

The purpose of me keeping photos during this challenge is for msyelf! Yep you read that right! Not for you, or my neighbor but I want to see the changes in myself for the next 24 days. Not just scale (which I will show you anyway) but in my face, and bodyline as well. So, here ya go! 

Total amount of weight lost: 5.5 pounds

Scale shot June 27, 2009                 

Face shot June 27, 2009

Body shot(s) June 27, 2009
Photobucket Photobucket

Scale Shot July 20, 2009
 ~ Not available, camera went DEAD ~
Face Shot July 20, 2009
Body Shots July 20, 2009
~ Not available, camera went DEAD ~


  1. Can I just say how beautiful your before face shot is! It's refreshing to see you're natural beauty, without all the make-up. Seriously Sheila - I LOVE that pic of you.


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