Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Acceptance Speech

In the last few days Ihave been awarded some beautiful blog awards from two of my readers. I so appreciate these awards and honesty say I couldn't be the blogger I am if God didn't give me the big mouth who always has something to say along with the ability to write *something* to coincide with that! :) I thank my husband and my children for allowing me the time to play on my blog whenever the desire hits, or in the very least understanding when I stop in mid sentence and grab a piece of paper so one of those "profound" (ha!) thoughts didnt' dissapear before I could share them.

Thank you Annalisa for the following awards:

Her kind words on her blog touched my heart in many ways! "I love you and admire you Sheila! You're a shining star in this amazing life. Without your help and encouragement and insightful advice, I probably wouldn't have made it long in blog land."

Thank you so much Annalisa for your encouragement and love you send my way every day!

I would also like to thank one of my newer readers, Sarah, for her love, support and kind words as well. I have known Sarah for a few years from a message forum, and it just amazes me when I find others with like minds with such physical distance between them!

If you are reading this blog ~ right now ~ these awards are yours as well! Each one of you are special to me and I want to be able to show you! So .. thanks!

Here are the awards I have been given by Sarah:
With the honor of this award, I am instructed to list 7 things that me Awesome! (Don't giggle ~ k?)
1. I have dedication and motivation. (Most times this is a good thing, as long as what I am motivated and dedicated to do is a positive thing!)
2. I am finally, after 35 1/2 years learning to love myself. This is truly the hardest thing I have ever done.
3. I love to write and to share!
4. Mmmm I can make a MEAN Butterscotch Pie! (Poor hubby ~ he hasn't had one of those in a long time!)
5. I take parenting very seriously. Even when it hurts.
6. I can play with the kids like I was a kid myself! ( I truly think I will always be a kid!)
7. I am creative in the classroom! (May not know what exactly we are doing when I get to school, but by the time class starts, we are usually ready to roll!)

This award, I pass on to the following bloggers: (Please remember to list your 7 awesome things, and send it to 5 fellow bloggers!)
1. Annalisa ~ Just because I think she AWESOME!
2. Mindy ~ Love ya girly! A gal pal in real life!!
3. Lisa ~ Your strength and courage just amaze me. The simple fact that you are a military wife, and yet seem so grounded , I love that! (Ps. Glad your home  ~ in the USA!)
4. Heather ~ Because well ... you have been through so much and I am honored to know you! Your strength and the things you accomplish in a single day just blows me away!
5. Sassle ~ I can't wait to read your list!! Thank you for being the loving person you are!
I love this particular award because there are few of you out there I NEED to send some love to!
Less of Lisa ~ You have been through so much lately! Though I am new to your blog I am "hooked".
Danielle ~ You know your the mom of two of my favorite kids ( besides my own of course)? :)
Martha ~ You simply just amaze me. Your witt, your charm, and just because of who God created you to be!
Mindy ~ Yes you got two! You know, your my twinkie ~ just a few years younger?! :) I miss you living next door, and simply to be honest, I miss you living within a quick drive visit.
Cheryl ~ I have been following your blog for a while now, and God never ceases to amaze me through what you share from your heart. You have mentored me in ways I may never be able to express and I just want to say thanks!

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