Friday, July 10, 2009

Blessed beyond measure!!

We live in a tiny but quaint little home. I love our little home, though as a normal person I often dream of a lavish home on large sprawling grounds full of beautiful foliage. But, I am confident that this is where we are intended to be. This house has history. My wonderful Mil and Fil purchased this home way back when, and my husband has lived in this home his entire life! He knows no other place. I have learned it is not what the outside looks like, the neighborhood it is in that matters. It is how the inside is filled, and the love that overflows onto the streets that matter. It has been my prayer from as far as I can remember, that the love from our home be so bountifull that it does just that, overflow and catches the attention from onlookers. NOT because of how "beautiful" our home looks, but by the love that our family abides in.

We were gifted a lovely (and very hard & complicated to put together) bunkbed set for the kids. Yes all my kids share a room at the moment. We are going to add on in the next year to give Princess her own room, but I have to be the first to admit, they LOVE being together. Their room is a very large room, one big enough to hold three twin beds, an entertainment center, a double bookcase, amoungs half the toys @ ToysRus. It felt so freeing to remove those beds, and to put in this one simple arrangement! We removed the entertianment center ( as it was nothing but a clutter catcher), and today's mission is to get in there and organize everything! I am excited! This has moved me into motion to begin painting and redecorating the rest of the house. I love our home! And I love the history WE are making in it! The kids know that we were working on a surprise for them, and that is why they went to grandma's for a few days, but they are anxious to come home and see what's been happening. ~ Smile~

I am sore. Every muscle in my body aches, including my feet. Yesterday I had two boards (heavy at that) sandwhich my head in a very NON gentle way, I stepped on a tack and it went almost all the way in, I bent, stooped, scooped, stretched, lugged, and finally collapsed last night. Today, all that is left is the organization. I am determined to finish that BEFORE noon, so that I can take care of some other regular things around here. I will pick up the children tomorrow morning, and then in the later afternoon we will swim for the rest of the day. ~ Smile~

I am just feeling so blessed! Having friends who will come over in the drop of a hat to solve a maze (*wink*), work on putting an obsticle course( that is what it felt like) together and work on it until midnight without yelling at one another, and working into the next day to complete phase one of "Suprise the heck out of the kids" is another reason I feel as blessed as I do.

Answered prayer. When I was discouraged, HE brought me answers and strength. When I was ready to give up, knowing I couldn't HE was there to push me further, and to ease the situation. I am so thankful today! God is good!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!


  1. Awwww, don't you love it when God spoils us? We ARE blessed indeed!!

  2. Sheila
    How cool that you get to surprise your kids this way. That is so sweet! We have a tiny house as well and I love it. There are days I long for a mansion though. I think that is the Father's way of keeping our reward in front of us. :)


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