Monday, July 6, 2009

Fighting the water in a whirlpool

As most of you now know, we have put up a swimming pool in our backyard for this summer. We are definately getting the use out of it, and great tans to go right along with it. We now have a new daily "game" to play in our pool right along with water tag, nose soccer (Ha! Gotta get a picture of that!!), and Marco Polo. It is "Whirlpool".

Whirlpool begins when everyone in the pool goes in circles right along the edge until the water gets to flowing the same direction. Then you go around a few more times to make sure it is good and going, then someone screams "Switch", and you turn around. LOL Yes, maybe it is just redneck fun but let me tell I crack up everytime! Each of the kids and myself are fighting the water and pushing through to get the water going the complete opposite way. (On a side note ~ this is a GREAT workout!!)

One day while doing this after we had "switched" I realized how silly it was to tread water in the opposite way it is flowing. Then the Holy Spirit made a way for me to understand and God began to move. *Sigh*  See God is always doing this, taking those application lessons for me to ponder and then I have to share them! LOL I love that!! So, here ya go! A first encouter that I have to share:

God: See how hard it is?
Me: What?
God: Fighting the water?
Me; Yes. It is almost painful at first, but then it gets easier.
God: Yes my daughter! Now, why do you think it is going to be any easier when things in your life get "switched" on you?
Me: I don't understand?
God: Well, let's take how you began losing weight. Things went smoothly for a while, even took you along fro the ride then ... someting came up. I threw in a "switch" and what happened?
Me: I see. I struggled even harder then I did to begin with, even slipped several times trying to find my ground.
God: Yes. But, if you pushed through the difficulty and moved with as much grace and mercy as you could muster, then things began to flow again.
Me: Yes Lord!! I see it! But honestly isn't it silly to fight at all?
God: No!! Just as you continue to do what you have done, you will build strength and endurance in ways you might have NEVER imagined. Those leg muscles of yours are stronger in ways that they couldnt' possibly have been any other way. But... look at it in a way that effects Me. You go along in life and the waters turn, what is your first instinct?
Me: To stop, or to give up. It is so hard to push through sometimes.
God: Yes, but if you do, you will become stronger and will be able to endure what's up ahead with even more substance then you might have if you just swam to the ladder and waited for the waters to calm on their own.
Me: Yep. Your right!
God: I know
Me: Thank you!!
God: I love you Sheila
Me: I love you God!
God: I love you more and I always will.

So, I don't know what you guys are going through, but whatever direction the water may be going, tread it! Don't give up and swim to the ladder. Don't stop and allow yourself to go under the water. Instead, push through and endure. It is possible. With God all things are possible!

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