Monday, July 13, 2009

The flight of the butterfly

The Flight of the Butterfly

As the butterfly breaks out of the cocoon it often will take a moment before it literally just takes off. It doesn't spend alot of time contemplating it's next move, my assumption to that is it truly had all the time in the world while it was developing in it's beautiful yet I am sure painful existance in it's cocoon.

That is where I am at this very moment in my life. I am right at that point from breaking free and just about to soar into flight. The time I have been in the cocoon I have learned a lot about who I am. Not the person that others want me to be, but who God created me to be. That person I had to be when I was simply a caterpillar begging for just another day of survival.

This summer we have had the joy of an abundant amount of sunshine and warm temperatures. I refuse to complain abotu the heat even though this is the hottest and driest summer in over 20 years, it is but just a season. I know another month and a half, it will begin to cool down a bit and yet another season will begin.  But, this summer, I have been blessed to see so many butterflies on a daily basis. Daily God reminds me it is almost time to break completely free in this beautiful new body, and let go, and take flight. Not one day has gone by that a quaint little butterfly hasn't passed by me and I get that special gift.
And just as I am in the freedom, but yet scared to go for a full flight. How long will this season last? Will I ever be to the point that I need to be to fly? These are all questions that will have to go unanswered for the moment, because I just don't kow. I know in my character I am growing, in my boldness I am also growing. I am learning to let go of things that should have been left gone along time ago.

I long for that flight, now that I realize what a lovely thing it will be to be completely free ~ no longer worried about "hitting goal", or even messing up. The flight of the butterfly ~ it is a lovely thing.

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