Saturday, July 18, 2009

The gears are turning


I knew when the time came closer to going to my most favorite preschool teaching conference the gears would get going. Now, the brain won't stop and I have yet to attend the conference! I have ordered a few neat little things from my favorite little printing place! You can see the link over to the side under the bookshelf. I love that place, most stuff I order is free, and I only pay shipping! Love it Love it Love it!!!

There is going to be some fresh new perspectives in our school this year, and that too excites me. Yes I love when my co teachers stay from year to year, but many times ( more then not) the turn over rate for a preschool teacher is high. Life happens. People sometimes find it to move on to better themselves, to have babies, or simply because being a preschool teacher isnt for them. This is my sixth year teaching and I love it! I couldn't honestly imagine doing anything else. Yes I want to write, I just need to learn some self discipline and make the time to do that on the side. Anyway ~ back on to the thoughts at hand! I LOVE teaching! I enjoy  my summer break, and will all the way up until it is over, but let me say this ~ I LOVE planning for a new year. I love getting to know my new co teachers, and enjoying their excitement as they begin some new things.

With my frist two orders ready @ that lovely printing place, and now a week adventure on the brink just waiting for Tuesday morning, I am excited and just all wired! I will most likely blog some on Monday morning, and then until Friday ( maybe Thursday night) you will only see some preplanned posts. (on weightloss). But from this point out, you can expect to hear alot of preschool chatter going on.

Have a wonderful Saturday with your family, and Sunday basking in the presence of the Lord.

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