Friday, July 10, 2009

Just keep pushin

Do you remember someone saying that to you during labor? Well, I don't! LOL I had C~sections both times. The first one was an emergency C, and the second was because one of the twinkies was breech. =) So, I didn't go through that whole ordeal.

Anyway, that is what I kept telling myself these last couple of days. I had a lot of work to do, and just a bit of time to do it. I would want to stop, and even told one of my friends I was gonna take a nap today, but .... I kept pushin! I was done with the kids room way before my 12:00 deadline I gave myself, but I still had lots to do. Three loads of laundry, a ktichen to clean, a living room to pickup, dinner to cook, blah blah blah. Even a pool to clean, though I told myself I would do that one in the morning. But.... I got it all done today! Tonight, I will rest knowing the only other thing I need to do is get a few grocries. Not many. In fact, I will be in and out of there with just a few bags spending just a few bucks. Home cookin is good for that! :)

So, whenever you need to get a job done ~ no matter how big it is, remember just keep pushin until you get it done! You can do it!

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