Friday, July 31, 2009

Move me aside

This is my heart today, to have me personally removed from the moment, and allow God to move in me. Why? Because today, I honestly have nothing to give. My heart is broken, and because of that my words and actions cannot be myown.

Have you ever had moments like these? Where you knew if you opened your big mouth the wrong thing would come? Today, I am taking action first. In prayer! I have shut my mouth today, and my attitude is vanishing. My hurt is dissolving from the one and only who could possibly do that for me ~ God. Today I need His strength and courage to be patient, and understanding. I need His guidance to undestand the situation I am in from the outside in.

I know that I am being very vague. I am not giving the scoop on what I am worried about, but you know what, it really doesn't matter! I don't have to share the battle to share the victory, for the victory is enough. This is something that will change not only my life today, but my entire family's! Today I will walk in the light and the provision handed down by my Heavenly Father, and His love, His care, and His joy will be shown through me and all I do and say.
"Move me aside Lord. Mold me and make me like you. Let your words flow through me and peirce even the hardest of hearts. Thank you Lord, for never forsaking me, leaving me to do the damage that I alone can do. Thank you for healing me, and allowing that healing to flow from me to others around me. Thank you lord! I love you! Amen"

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