Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to Basics Part 2

In part 1 I discussed how it is important to look back before you can look forward and asked these questions.
What is important to us?
What do we want to achieve in shifting the way we are doing things?
What is our motivation?

I thought before I can continue into part 2, I must answer those questions for myself. I will share my answers because that is why I blog. To share me! To share what is laid on my heart, and how I deal with life. I know that if I am honest, and upfront, and continue to desire for God to use my blog in whatever way he see's fit, then lives can be changed, not because of me, but because of Him!
What is important to me?
My Faith
Having a Strong Marriage
Being a proactive and life molding parent
Feeling like my life has meaning
Sharing what God has placed in me ~ through writing, teaching, and just simply loving
Worshiping in a freeing way, and leading others into that same place of worship

What do I want to achieve in shifting the I am doing things?
I want to achieve balance, success, and know that putting all my efforts into things that really matter will make a difference, not only for myself, my family, my classroom, but as in many lives as possible.

What is my motivation?
Living a life with purpose, passion, and seeing that same drive birthed in my children, my husband, and strangers.

In part 2, today's post, I need to share one imporant thing. See, we know what we want now, because have taken the time to evaluate who we are, and what we want to become. Did you see on my list, all that I have been working toward was not listed? I didnt' put to become a lean mean working machine, because well.. I am healthy now! I am the healthiest I have ever been, and even though I have taken to eating what I want for the last few days, I know that I have to keep focus on that ~ but not become obsessed. See, I want to be obesessed with life, with living! Not wishing I was this or that, but instead becoming those things NATURALLY through shifting gears and changing the things that only I can change. I don't have to be a "hot mom", "teacher of the year", on that list. Know why? Because I have learned who I was this summer, with lots of soul searching, lots of self acceptance. Do I accept who I am daily? No, not yet. I am working on it though. I am realizing I am not accepted because of who I am or what I can do (or because I have lost 76 pounds all on my own), but instead of who Christ is in me. That is when I feel whole, complete, and give more time and attention to the things that matter most. It's not about what things look like on the outside, or even if I made it to the gym. Those things are important to me, because I want to be healthy, but again like I said yesterday they can't be my main focus.

So now that I have answered the questions, where do I go from here? How do I get to a place where my life takes the substance I need it to take, to show what my heart truly longs for, not for the superficial things? For me, it may be completely different then it will be for you. But I encourage you to make a list of things that you need to do, to get yourself to a place where your heart longs to be. Life isn't worth placing yourself in bondage on a daily basis, and by allowing yourself to do things that you know are hendering you from becoming what you want to be is simply that. Bondage!

Here is my list, and some of which I am already tackling:

1. Remove myself from places/things that are robbing me of my time and attention.
This for me is places such as facebook, twitter, youtube, online message forums. I have made an announcement on facebook and a message forum I visit that I am taking an extended LOA (leave of absence) but I have a confession. I have logged onto facebook three times since then. (bangs head on desk). I can do this, I know. And since I have just confessed this after writing "allowing yourself to do things that you know ar hendering you from becoming what you want to be is bondage", I see what I am doing. UGH! I can do it! I can do it! I can do it!(mini pep talk for me) You will now see the links have been taken off my page saying where you can find me. Online, the only place you can now find me is here or my email. I am going to disable my twitter, facebook, and myspace accounts immediately.

2. My faith is always a part of who I am, including while I am being a wife, mother, teacher, etc. I can't seperate the two, and I usually don't try to. I believe I have been told I need to stop talking about God all the time, but ya know what, it is who I am. IF it offends others, and I don't think I do it in a offensive way, but just as a general thing. I mean God is in everything I am about  and I will share that. I guess I just need to pray and ask God to guide my words (which is another thing I need to watch) and allow him to speak through me. Too often we "talk" just to talk sometimes. There is some lyrics from a song that comes to mind "Let my words be few...." and that is my heart. I want my words, and my presence both online and in real life to be minimized in quantity but maximized in quality.

3.I need to take the time I have given to time robbers, and devote that into my writing, and building my family a bit stronger. A mother/wife has the capability to make or break her family. Yes Dad's have a hand in that too, but our family is very traditional, and we have traditional roles. I have come to learn that I can change the atmosphere in my home by *my own* attitude and the way *I* handle things. My husband generally will go with the flow.

If  I can get a grasp on these three things I know that I can once again move foward. So, yes there is a part 3 to this series, as well as a few others. Just hang in with me. I know that God is using this series for others as well as myself. Until next time, be blessed!

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