Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Burning Within

I woke up this morning with this sense of urgency. An urgency to get back to basics. This has been in me for the last few weeks, but today it is strong! For so long I saught out blogs and articles on losing weight, fitness tips, and altering the family table to be more non processed. Even with all the excitement of the upcoming callenge, my focus is naturaly taking a different course of action. Sure, I will always be on that journey but today, today I must seek out what is burning within me.

This morning as I sat on the computer during my quiet morning time (read as husband at work, children sleeping), I realized I needed to begin seeking out what was burning within me. That is my home! My home, the way I tend to it, and all the blessings inside especially my husband and children. I walked, no ran to one of my favorite bloggers sites and was blessed beyond belief that God had not only one word for me there, but many! This new blog entry just sparked a light in me that I was longing for! I realized it is the little homemaking details I haven't done lately, the special little touches I used to, that is making the difference. Of course, getting into a solid routine again once school starts (less then 2 weeks mind you) will help tremendously, but I need to start now!

I have a confession. I am addicted to facebook! LOL So, of course that is going to get fixed too! :) And today. So if you follow me on facebook, please know that I am not allowing myself to get on it unless their is truly free time, and for now I am taking drastic measures and will not be on even when I *think* there is free time. I have lots to prepare for school, and last minute celebrations with my kids. I will not be playing any of those silly games, but I will post to update family and friends of new blessings I encounter along the way.

I want a canner system for my home. I think I am going to put that on my gift list. We also plan on creating a garden, for the spring, but I may look into what I can grow here in the winter and work on that as well. Life is so precious, to be giving it way to time robbers. If you remember, the other day I posted on no more excuses. One of them was getting rid of timerobbers,and I may have to take drastic measures to do that. I dont' want to, but I need to. Blogging is my form of "therapy" so it stays but all the others must go for now. I can't focus on anything more then my home, and preparing for the school year. Once school begins it is sewing and preparing for the Holidays. I am going to work hard on bringing a touch of "old fashioned" to our home for Christmas. I mean handmade everything, including some gifts. I want to pour ME into the gifts we give not what was on sale at Walmart, a good deal at the Mall, or even what I got FREE from Khols. Life is too precious to say "I don't have time for that" when we simply give our time away online, gossiping on the phone, and giving ourselves away to things that do not matter, things that do not hold any true substance.
So, with that I will leave you to ponder your own thoughts. Please stop by from time to time, I will still blog, but know that as I pour myself into my home, I may be absent from time to time. For those of you who originally followed my blog because of my weightloss journey you will hear an update here and there, but honestly right now I am not focusing on that. I am doing what the experts have said for years and years ~ eating right and exercising. Who knew!? I have no magical tips, I have no insight that can honestly help at this point. During Gag I will be sharing more so if you want just hop on over, book mark it and from Sept 1 to Dec 22 you can keep up with my weightloss there. For now, for oneprettylittlebox, the focus is switching gears. I feel it. Don't you? I feel it! There is a need in our lives, that we have got to get a grasp on. Yesterday I felt so uplifted and felt like I was doing something with purpose when I worked in the kitchen. Simply cooking dinner, cleaning up from it, and tending to the birthday girl. THAT is my purpose! All the other that you get to experience through this blog, is extra! Bonus points! But the funny thing is I feel a pull in our lives, in society. A NEED, and urgent need at that, to become the godly women that we are called to be. We are not called to bring caos into our homes, we are not called to bring disheevel, and an uproar in our homes, in our families. We are to be the HEART of the home, and if that heart is broken, so is the home. It's time for surgery ladies! We need to have an open heart surgery and allow God to fill us with all that He can, so that we can fullfill our purpose in life! ... Oh, I feel it! I am getting my preach on! LOL I will be praying for you, yes you. If your reading this, I have prayed for you to have this same longing to bring love back into our homes, and in a way that has never been before. A kind of love that is everlasting, unconditional, forgiving, mercyful, kind, and overwhelming!

Be blessed!

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  1. I am right there with you, blessing to you as well


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