Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cancer Update

My dad got some results in today. His lungs were clear and it doesn't look like any other part of his body is effected by the cancer, besides his bladder. His Dr has an amazing plan of attack, and taking the steps they are taking, Dad won't have to go under chemo or radiation. He will however lose his bladder, nad have an external pack to deal with, but this is a good outcome. One that is much better then what was weighing in our all of our minds. One that we are thankful for. There is long road ahead, until surgery, and then another long road of recovery. We thank you for your prayers so far, and we covet all that you can spare. I will keep you updated.

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  1. My goodness, that is news. So sorry for all the tough times, but it is great he caught it in time! My father had colon cancer, spread everywhere. It was bad. My aunt caught hers in time, and she's had a bag for years - decades actually. She is very active, goes on cruises, camping, boating, fishing, lives life to the fullest, and you'd never know she has a bag. She's amazing.

    Anyway, I know it probably seems like not a good thing, but just wanted to instill some hope.

    Oh, and can you see my blog now? I'm still getting other's comments.


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