Friday, August 28, 2009

Fantabulous Friday

Did you know that "Fantabulous" is a real word? Yeppers it is! At least around here it is! Today was my first Friday since school started, and I was blessed to share some intimate time with both my husband and my mother.

My birthday is coming up on Tuesday, and it is always a tradtion for my mother and I to go out to lunch, and to shop! Fun times! I was shocked to find that I had to buy a talored size 10 jacket and a size 4/6 size top! Woohoo! I have a black jacket in a 12 but I was literally swimming in it. I often wear this jacket on Sunday, because in the choir at our church we wear black with accent colors. Just like every woman should have a little black dress, we all need that little black suit jacket too. It is just so hard for me to realize that my actual sizes are so much smaller then what I imagine them to be. Caraaaazy! Exciting, but hard to really grasp. Lunch was chilis, and I ate a Cheese steak sandwhich, but only had 1/2 the bread at most and a few fries. I also ordered water, so that was pretty good I think. I wasn't overly full, and yet I surely wasn't deprived.

My husband I enjoy having a bit of time on Friday's to ourselves. We often find that we crave some alone time during the summer when he has a day off, but with three kids around it is hard to find that. Overall, I would say it was a GREAT start to the school year!

The Open House at the preschool was a wonderful experience. I really think this year is going to be one of my best years, or maybe I can say I have the best class ever! :) I do think I may say that every year, but never has an open house gone so smoothly! Always a good sign for the year.

I am so stoked too about the GAG challenge! It is yet another weightloss challenge that I am hosting, and wow! I am just honred that so many new bloggers (to me at least) have joined and we are going to have a fantastic time! Who doesn't need to spend 16 weeks during the peak season of weight gain season to focus on making good healthy choices?! I am ready. The great thing is, my eating is balanced, and I am not going to rely on Atkins to see me through to the end. I have been eating balanced for the last week, and I feel fabulous! I haven't binged once, I haven't even over eaten once, and that is a nice feeling! I mean I can eat whatever I want, and I finally have the energy to fuel the workouts that I truly want to have each day. Amazing. Now, don't get me wrong! I am more then thrilled to say I was on Atkins for as long as I was. I learned alot about food and portions, and so much. I learned alot about myself. But now.. it is just time to step up my game a bit, and I am ready for that. I love challenges, if you haven't figured it out. And no, I don't just mean online challenges, but real life ones. Those that truly take you out of your comfort zone. Why? Because when it is all said and done ~ I usually come out at the other end of the challenge a better person one way or another.

Have a fantastic Friday with your family!


  1. Awww, you make me want to be a teacher, though I know that it's not in me. I would love it, I'm sure but I just know it's not for me. Other than my own, ya know.

    You sound like you're in an awesome place in life. Congrats Sheila. You're amazing.

  2. They make shirts in a 4/6? I have never been to that side of the store!

    Congrats on the smaller sizes!


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