Thursday, August 13, 2009

Menu Planning on a budget

Menu Planning on a Budget

I am working on cutting our grocery budget to a smaller amount then what it is now, avoiding as many processed items as I can. (I am actually going to stock up on a few treats on Saturday, but not many. Our children are beginning to choose fruit over cookies, eggs over cereal, and homemade over prepackaged.) I feel like a better mom for making the time to bake the cookies rather then purchase the ones that are packaged on store shelves chocked full of perservatives; which I personally believe causes more and more food allergies then natural things.

The kids are at grandmas this weekend, so the grocery budget will be a bit slimmer this weekend, with a few new to me recipes.

Baked Potato soup w/ garlic bread dippers (For dh ~ I will eat chicken salad wraps)

Grilled steaks, Baked potato (for dh), sauted mushrooms

Roasted Chicken, Salad, macaroni and cheese

BLT's (mine in a lettuce wrap) , chips

Hamburger stew

Meatballs & gravy over rice, green beans (I will eat the meatballs and green beans)

Grilled porkchops, Corn on the cob, (some other side)

I really do not have to purchase a whole lot of food to go along with this meny, as we are still enjoying our ground venison/beef combo! This is allowing me to take adavantage of a great coupon sale, and free up a bit to finish up some school purchases. Sometimes we have to cut costs where we can, to make sure our other needs are well taken care of, but I can't take this credit. It is only by the grace of God that I am able to not only provide food for our family, but to also take care of those other needs without going into debt or relying on someone else to take care of us. God has provided, and I feel so very honored!

So, what's on your table this upcoming week?

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