Monday, August 10, 2009

No More Excuses

There is only one ultimate reason as to why we don't reach the goals that we set for ourselves; whether it be in weight loss, career, financial, etc.., and that is simply summed up in one word/action. Excuses!
It's the one thing that causes us to fail. Excuses. And the tough part about this to digest is isn't other people's excuses, it's our own. (Ultimately other people's excuses have no effect on us if we don't buy into them, and accept them as our own.) Things happen in life, yes I realie that. Things that are completely beyond our control. But too often it's how we handle those circumstances and the excuses that hold us back from our dreams, and reaching success.

We have got to stop making excuses for ourselves and for others if ever we want to become victorious people. Have you ever sat and pondered why we all live such different lives and how so many people can seem so successful, yet while other struggle just to barely make it? I don't just mean money wise either. I do not see someone who is a multimillionare as a success, but as to what their life contains. Money does't make the person!

Here is a list of a few commonly used excuses that can apply to just about any situation.
1. I just don't have time. (Guess what!?! We all have the same 24 hours in our day. It's not about the amount of time it's how we use that time. It is how we "waste" the time that really makes the difference.)
2. I don't have the money. (Granted I know that times are tough in our economy right now, but if it's important enough to you, you can usually find the money. Even if it means giving up something that's not good for you anyway, which leads me to #3!)

3. I can't find the self control to tell myself no. (This one kills me! Addictions are hard to break, but I do not personally know of anyone who is addicted to something that is good for them. If you are truly addicted to something (shopping, eating, choosing the wrong foods, spending too much time online, tv, talking on the phone, crafts, etc) 99% of the time it will be to something that can lead to distruction. (shopping ~ can lead to overspending. Eating can lead to being overweight. Choosing the wrong foods can lead to being overweight and many other health problems. Spending too much time online can lead to countless problems such as with relationships, not tending to our children as we should, not tending to our home as we should which can lead to disobedient children, divorce, etc. Too much tv watching can lead to learning disabilities in children, overweight children and adults, mind corruption. Talking on the phone constantly takes you away from the real life that surrounds you, and often can distract you from your purpose in which you were created. It can lead to gossip, slander, and many many relationship issues. Spending countless hours and money on crafts can lead to not tending to our children and home, financial woes, and our families feeling neglected and forgotten. NONE of these things are bad for you , but the addiction to them can be.) It is easy to tell our children or pets "NO", but why is it so difficult to tell ourselves no? We want what's best for our them, why can't we want what is best for ourselves?)

4. I lack drive and motivation.(It is hard to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and into something new. There is something strangely comforting about making excuses and living them. When we really want something we wont' stop until we get it. That is drive and it's the motivation that keeps us going. But until we want that in whatever situation it may be, we will continue to make excuses to please others or to even get ourselves off our back.)

5. I don't know how or where to begin. (Guess what! Start at the beginning! IF you are trying to solve a problem find the root. For example: did your weight gain begin because of lack of activity, late night snacking, overeating, poor food choices? Then begin fixing those areas one at a time. Too many of us will use the excuse of childbirth as to our weight gain. Yes some was gained during pregnancy, but for me I didn't start my weightloss journey until after my youngest were almost six.

So, how do we move forward and away from relying on excuses to get out of whatever it is we want to get out of?

1. STOP comparing ourself and our situations to one another.
2. GET rid of time robbers.
3. PLACE priorities where they belong.
4. TRY to achieve balance in all things.
5. DON'T over extend ourselves beyond what we are capable of handling. In other words, learn to say no.
6. BELIEVE you are worth the time and effort.
7. SPEAK positively into your situation.
8. GIVE yourself a break, everyone needs one. (not too many though, they can become addicting!)
9. SEEK out support in all forms.
10. TAKE one day at at time.

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