Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Realigning priorities and Being the Blessing

It is that time of year where my blogging will slow down. It has to! I have got to get things lined out as our Summer Break is closing in on us and FAST! Really it may not be so much the blogging that slows down but all other internet stuff. Ya know, the "Fun" stuff. It has consumed me this summer and I have enjoyed it. But just as I have enjoyed it, I have missed keeping my priorities where they belong. I have already removed myself from the only message forum I was a part of, not that I was there very much lately anyway.

But I have to say something. I am so excited about that! I completely am!! Not only to be back in order, but to be the blessing to my family and to others that I long to be. A blessing of sorts that has yet to be seen through me. A blessing!!

So, my prioritites are that of any good Christian gal and should not take any of you by surprise!!

1. God ~ My lover, my Father, My everything!!!
2. My husband ~ Because he is my soul mate and best friend
3. Our children ~ What a precious gift they are in their own little way!
4. Our Home ~ Inside and out because I LOVE it all!
5. My Ministry ~ three part here (Teaching preschool, singing in the church choir, and yes blogging! For those of you who do not know, I surrender my blog to be used for ministry in whatever ways that God may use for that!)

So, I am about to dig into finishing "Facinating Womanhood", and "creative counterpart" both hopefully by the end of the month. I have a new book and biblestudy that I want to get into come September. Also, my health comes in there somewhere. I think a bit of piece of each of me (healthwise) that goes with each of the listed priorities. ~Smile ~

Today we are celebrating our daughters 10 year birthday! What an exciting time. I will not be online at all on this day (that is why I preposted this ahead of time) in order to honor her as much as this momma can! :) Until next time, be blessed and do what you can to be a blessing!


  1. Great priority list. I think we all need to shift gears this time of year!

  2. Happy B-Day to her, thanks for stopping by my blog.


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