Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Morning Solitude

If you were not up to my late night facebook fun last night, I am sorry you missed it! Some of the posts got so silly that I chose to go ahead and remove some, but even going to bed after midnight, waking again at 1:30, waking again at 3 to stay away for 45 minutes, when the alarm went off at 5 I was not thrilled. But here I am ~ wired again. My loving husband works hard at Exxon, which is a local plant that many of you may have heard about! (wink, wink) Well, on Thursday they had a huge fire, and let's just say, they called in the reinforcements. My dear is working today, and I am assuming many days until things are like they once were. So for this very moment my house is quiet! The kids are still in a deep slumber for at least another 20 minutes!!
I relaxed with my eating yesterday and I am proud to announce I had a BM last night! LOL I know, TMI, but really that is another reason it is time to move on. :) When a girl can't go for over a week, there is a problem!

But because I am going back to "normal" eating, I am going to track it!  And it has gotten me even more excited to workout more. I love exercise now, so it is good! All is good! I can't explain the huge relief I feel. Yeah I know, I brought the stress on myself, but it is good to honestly let it go. I won't let myself go in the process!

And, the fun and excitement can start in the ktichen again! Woohoo! My poor family has been suffering, well sorda. :) I still treat them pretty dang good, but ya know. Change is good!

I am working on Menu Plan Monday, to post on Monday, and our menu will be a huge variety of things.  A few new recipes, and  perhaps even I will share!

For dinner tonight I am making crockpot fajitas! :) Too hot still to use my oven a whole lot, but no excuse to eat out yet again! My love actually wanted...*gulp* Mc Donald's last night! LOL I guess we all get those kid like cravings from time to time, so we indulged. Guess what ~ not one complaint out of the kids!

Today I am going to run to the grocery store (yet again) and pick up some fruit. I am also paying the few bills due online. Other then that I am working on some projects for school! Hard to believe but 2 weeks of summer freedom left, and three of those days have things planned! LOL So much for "freedom"! Honestly though, I am ready. Ready for a consistent schedule. My home is ready, the children are ready, my heart is ready!
Also, Saturday has become a deep cleaning day as of late, so I am sure today will be no different. And I am determined to get these school supplies organized. I am only sending 1/2 of them and will dish out the other half as needed. I should be allowed to have SOME control don't ya think? I mean I do respect my kids teachers (even though I haven't met them yet) but these school supply lists get OUT OF HAND! And Walmart's commercial saying you can get all your kids supplies for 9 bucks  NOT! BUT I did save some, so that is all good. AND it is over! And I won't owe the school 105 bucks by paying the school's school supply fee. I did get them all for UNDER that. Woohoo!  Now, on the other side of the soap box, I am going to post a "Giving Tree" during Open House and the first week of school! I don't like asking for items, but every thing  helps. I know that we have 2 classes for our three year olds, because there are so many. That is a good thing. I can't wait to see my list!

Okay, I am going for now! Hope ya'll have a lovely day!

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And a shout out!
Annalisa ~ Thank you so much for all the support you have lent me over the past few months! I thank you for love, kindness, and dedication! You rock! Oh, and I don't like mangos! BUT I am anxious to eat a peach, some strawberries, a banana (in my oatmeal), and of course apples!


  1. you are an inspiration

  2. Fruit salad, yummy yummy - great, now I have The Wiggles in my head! :)

    Glad you had a good weekend. Praise God!


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