Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weightloss Wednesday

Not much has changed, well.. yes it has. But I have to start at the beginning, the beginning of August that is!

This has been a rough month for me. Emotionally in my weight loss journey I am wanting MORE then what I have done. I am wanting to find even a healthier type lifestyle, and am considering adding in tons more veggies. I still can't seem to process fruits very well ~ I tried and they kill my stomach. I have a feeling it is the rush of sugar that my body just isn't used to A few berries here and there does the trick though, especially frozen ones. I also have been a bit stressed so I want to eat when I am stressed. I have so worked on that, and have come far by leaps and bounds, but... I still struggle. Ice cream. UGH! Summer time has been tough, but I can't be too upset! Over this summer I have still managed to lose 10 pounds! Fall only lends to tell the story of reaching my next goal. I can't honestly say dream goal, because that is 36 pounds away, and may not ever be safely reached. I am all about a safe journey, one that tells it's own story.

Which brings me to my next thought to share. When I was at the gym on Monday (which is one of my favorite parts of the day), I had an lightbulb moment. For so long now, I have longed to write a book. IT is my dream to become a published and established writer. I love reading fiction, christian fiction. I have stories in my head to share but struggle and have for a long time to get them out. My passion though this last (almost 2 years) and really began being birthed in me when I was 9, is to strive to not only reach  a healthy weight (as well as self esteem and understand who I am in Christ) but to share that with others, and I long with tears in my eyes to help others (especially women) to see their true beauty in him, and within themselves. So.. I am starting on a writing project on just that! So, I need your help! What would you like to read in that kind of a book? What would make you want to read it? Any ideas? Would any of you like to share your testimony in Christ & with weightloss for me to share in bits & peices in the book? Suggestions, thoughts, and ideas are welcome!

What a wild Weightloss Wednesday huh!? Want to know something else!?  I am back on track! No more emotional eating! NO more looking to find comfort in foods that will only lead to the most uncomfortable feeling of all ~ failure. Not failure because I ate any particular food, but failure for not finding another way to express myself when I have so many other outlets.

Weight this morning: 153.5
Goal weight ( to give me a healthy bmi): 145

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  1. *sigh* I just came from our Thurs morning women's group, praying for a dear friend Anna, who is struggling with self-image. She's fairly overweight, about 220lbs or so, and has a 5 month old. I told her it's not the time for her to worry about it. It took until my "baby" was almost two before I started to lose weight. And the first two months I didn't exercise and I didn't change anything I ate. I just tried not to snack in between meals. It took two months to get that habit down, and even then, it's still a habit I have to work on. Anyway, she was in tears - being 40, it's her 4th and suprise baby, so I don't blame her - but she was just lacking in the ability to see herself as God sees her. She truly shines, and is one of the most beautiful people I know. I think of her as heavy, but not fat - she has an inner beauty that shines so strongly, but she's feeling bad about her worldly appearance. Anyway, just had to share. I think women need permission to not be perfect. We will always struggle with our image because of the media standards are impossible.

    Anyway... Get writing Sheila! And congrats on the 10lb summer loss!!!


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