Saturday, September 12, 2009

What Inspires me

As I sat and pondered today what I wanted to share on the blog, a thought came to mind. (Does that suprise you? Ha!) The thought that has been swimming in my head all morning is a simple yet very profound question, and can be answered in so many different ways. The thought is this.. "What inspires you to do what you do?". Because I am not just about weightloss I don't necessarily mean in just the realm of losing weight, but every aspect of your life.

In my weight loss:
The Gag challenge was inpsired because in an online group that I was a part of I was not allowed to participate in a weightloss challenge that was presented because I had less then 20 pounds to lose. In all honesty, it made me very sad and I felt so unworthy. I know the person who presented the challenge did not see it that way, and it wasn't done to make me feel that way, but that is how I felt. I can't help that. I felt like just because I had worked so hard on my own to lose weight that I was basically being told "Tough, finish it on your own." This happened at at time when my real life support began dwindling. As I said the other day, many people in my real life want to me to be "done" losing weight though I am not honestly ready. So the inspiration behind GAG was to find the support I needed, as well as maybe give some of that support back to those who longed for it. Who needed it. It was created out of love and out of need. My inspiration is to be a support for those who just can't to seem to find it in their real lives, because well, I know how it is. It is my deepest desire to see GAG become so popular that by the end of the challenge everyone is excited about starting a new challenge in January, and the number of our challengers increase. I would love to see this become a revolution for those all around because well, it is so important to realize that we are worth taking care of. I was not taught that I was worth the effort, and so that is BIG to me. Big enough to work hard at sharing this truth with strangers, friends, and even my own husband and children. The truth that I honestly believe will help millions of people redeem their health, their relationships, their lives.

It is my goal to hit my goal weight and stay there for the rest of my life. Come what may. Not just for me, but to show others it can be done, and it is worth being done. Some days are hard, but as I continue to reflect on my jurney I am just in awe. Not of what I could do, but God has done through me. What he continues to do, the lives that are being changed, just by sharing my story and my journey. Sure, I could keep all that to myself, but .... what kind of inspiration is that? Who can be inspired by a story never told?

I am inspired to be the type of parent that is up to date, yet holds on to yesterday's values. I can listen to the Black Eyed Peas, and still watch Leave it to Beaver all in one day. As a mom I am vivacious, and the inspiration to continue working on that, is indeed my children. They bring out the best in me. At times, some situations they have brought on have brought out the worst in me as well, but with an eye always open to see how I can improve. It is important for me to bring our children up in a Godly home. Not just for "looks" but so that they can see how to truly live a Christian lifestyle that speaks volumes without words. We go to church on a regular basis, we dont' "play" church. Our Bibles are used throughout the week, some weeks more then others.Prayer is constant, and not just when in need. It is important for me to do these things in consistency because as I was raised they just weren't. Sure we went to church, but not always on a regular basis.Sure I heard mom pray, but only at times when there was a need, never once did I hear her pray to praise God unless you count the times she found a decent parking spot. Prayer at meal times were non existent except for hoidays or if we had guests. Around our table, we pray before ever meal, and often before snacks too. It is habit, but yet we are so greatful.

I could go back to when I was a kid, and say that I just didn't have those skills taught to me, but I won't. I did have some things taught,at least the cleaning and cooking part. Keeping a home is so much more then that. Making our home a haven is what inspires me when I am cleaning, cooking, decorating, and moving things around. I always want our home to represent the ones that live there, as well as be a place where when you walk in the door a large sigh of contentment can be heard for miles! One of my favorite bloggers has taught me so much about making my home a "safe haven" and not just a place to hang your hat. And another has taught me that little details to things mattter! I often find inspiration for new dinners through Taste of Home, and from reading the posts on Menu Plan Monday. I would have loved to lived in the 50's and in my own little way, I try to bring some of those traditions back into the home. Family comes first. Beyond school work, church, everything ~ family is first. (God is the head of our lives , while my husband is the head of our home, I the heart. Very traditional roles that we take very seriously. Call me old fashioned, I like it!)

In my classroom
Seeing kids learn and retain what they learn, inspires me in the classroom. As they come in the next day, and parents are telling me what they shared about the day before, I just get so excited! For three year olds to remember what they did in enough detail to share with mom and dad, that is a BIG deal! And the more I hear of it, the more it inspires me to continue and work harder at presenting new and exciting information to them in ways that can change a life. I love what I do, and because of that I am daily inpsired to do it that much harder, that much more. On days that I don't feel so inspired, seeing their little faces, and innoscent eyes, inspires me!
I am inspired to write to share my heart, because I have been inspired in the same way years ago. God has placed this desire within me, to share my life story, and all that it is involved in that for His glory, not my own.

So, how are YOU inspired?

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  1. Yep. This hit home. People are also telling me that I have a skewed view of my body and if I lost the last 15-20 lbs that I am going for, I would be too skinny. That's not the way I see it. I see it as doable, and it's always been my goal to hit 130. It's not like my goal was 145 and now I'm lowering it.... Anyway. I just had to tell you I understand about that. I also have to say that the points challenge this week is AWESOME! I have finally found my long-lost motivation, and I am finally off this plateau! I can see the scale going down again. It's been a while since that has happened. THANK YOU HEAPS MRS SHIELA!!!


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