Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Frenzy

Today has been a very calm and relaxing day. I love Fridays!I really truly do!

*Made it to the bank*
*Paid bills for the week*
*My truck has a full tank of gas*
*Got in 30 minutes of working out on the Wii! ~ in privacy!*
*Took kids to the library*

Water = 48 oz = 60pts
Exercise = 30 mins = 20pts
Sleep last night = 8.5 hours = 20 pts
Logging food = 20 pts
Today's total points = 120

Food for the day:
Prebreakfast: 2 cups of coffee each w/ 1 tbs cream, 1tbs sf syrup
Breakfast: Grilled ham & cheese (Joseph's flax and omega pita, cheddar cheese, ham, butter)
Lunch: Bean dip
Dinner: 3 egg omlette w/ ham, cheese, picante sauce

Thoughts for motivation to get through the weekend:

Food = fuel for the fun, but the only fun! Food is NOT fun but enjoy the fuel.
Energy out = energy in! (Mentally, physically, emotionally)
It's okay to say No. It's okay to say Yes. You just have to know when to say what.

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