Friday, September 4, 2009

Gag 1.4

Morning gaggers! How's it gaggin? HA!

Well, the flu is still here, but I have to say it has been pretty mild. The hardest thing was waiting for meds. Seems there is a run in our town, and while they will get enough to cover a few prescripts, there are just so many kids needing the Tamaflu. I have to say I was thankful for insurance yesterday. Meds that would have cost me 400.00 I got for 90. I was complaining about the 90 but... when I saw what it would have cost, I shut my mouth really quick. Thank you for your kind comments about my sweet little guy. Thankfully his twin brother and older stister havent' gotte it.. and now they are on meds too! SHEW! I can say I am feeling "wierd" but not really sick. So all in all this weekend we are all staying home and inside! We have canceled going to my inlaws for the sake of not spreading this to my mother in law who once she is exposed to even a slight cold, it often lands her in the hospital. And knowing how quickly this spreads we decided it would be best to keep the kids away from the other 1200 in church as well. So, like I said .... a quiet weekend at home.

Got the team assignments done yesterday, and I have compiled most of the recipes for week 1's challenge so that now when more are posted, I can just add them in. For those of you who have thanked me for the challenge and the work involved, please know that it is my pleasure. Yes, it has been a bit more then I thought it would be, but in a good way! I love planning, list making and organizing so that is right up my alley. I just hope that when the mistakes are made in my typing and leaving someone out (un intentionally) I am forgiven! LOL!

I do believe there will be another challenge that I will host come January, for those of you who really wanted to get involved, but missed the deadline. I hope this challenge goes smoothly so that some of (if not all) the gaggers will want to return for another round in Jan!!

I have been doing well with food choices. Tempted but doing well. Being in a challenge with all of you lovely supportive people helps to keep me on track. It's like knowing I am going to be  held accountable helps to make the right decisions. THANKS! I plan on posting pics of my food choices, come next week. I was going to start the other day but I ran out of time, and .... the little one got ill. So.. next week you can expect to see that.

My scale was down 1 pound today! To be able to lose 1 pound in a week for me is good! I am happy!

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