Friday, September 25, 2009

Gag survey : Week 4 point Challenge

1. Do you feel your eating habits that ended you into this challenge are a direct result of habits formed during childhood? (Please explain)
I think not having a strong nutritional foundation taught to me as a child has effected my weight, but alot of poor choices as an adult really landed me to where I am. Now, it is honestly hard to say that right now, because I have come so far, but that is definately landed me where I had to do something in 2008.

2. Tell me about your living situation. Are you married? Kids? In College? What is your life like OUTSIDE of weightloss? I am married, and have been for 14 years. I love my husband, and we work very hard on our relationship together. I think I gave us the most difficult years, these last seven but, as I am letting go of some innard garbage, we are growing stronger every day. We have three kids. A ten year old drama queen, and twin buckaroos who are 7. For those who haven't gotten to know me very well, I teach preschool in a local church. This is my sixth year. I also sing in our choir at church. I go to an almost mega church in Houston, and LOVE it very much! I love to write, sing, knit, paper craft, and will soon try my hand at gardening. I also love to read, and can spend a day in a book if it can captivate this wondering mind that is always multi tasking.

3. If you were given a magic wand that you could use one time to do one thing, what would you use it for? Let's be honest, I would love to say to feed the poor, to end world hunger, or even to cure all cancer. But honestly I have to say I would use it in a selfish way, to revamp our home so that we don't have to.

4. What is your favorite thing about this time of year? Least favorite?
Favorite ~ I love the excitement, the newfound busyness, the ability to curl up in the evenings with a cup of tea and know that all is well because I am home. I love to hear the winds of that first really good cold front, as it stirs the leaves as they prance from the trees and begin to dance in the street. I love that we do more things together inside as a family, and that it seems to be a time of rest.
Least favorite ~ The overly busyness, the leaves that I have to rake, the winds that blow through the cracks in the house, AND.... all those silly baked goods that tend to find their way in front of me.

5. You have a day off, no responsibilities, so what will you do with it?
I would spend it very quietly. Read, knit, nap, chat with family and friends.
6. What is YOUR sin food? I believe that everyone has a sin food whether they admit ir not, and mine is simply REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS. I especially love the holiday versions like the pumpkins for Halloween, Tree's for Christmas, Hearts for Valentines, and of course the eggs at Easter. YUM!

7. Your in a foul mood, what lifts you out of it?
Prayer! Venting to my BFF. Blogging.

8. Your in a good mood, what keeps you there?
Realizing that I am having a good moment, and embracing every second of it. Having a thankful heart!
9. What is one of your biggest struggles right now?
Snippy criticism. From strangers, from myself. I can't stand a critical spirit, and often wonder what that person must be like who can be so cruel, and think nothing of it. I do it to myself, but very rarely do I do it to someone else, especially so openly.
10. Your motivation is running low, where do you find your refill?
I look back at old pictures. Right now, I am at a new low, and a new size, so my motivation is pretty stoked. There are days where I just want to throw in the towel, but I will never be able to do that. I could never let myself go like I did for so many years.
11. Your in house support (meaning the people in your life that you see face to face) is beginning to dictate your weightloss journey by telling you your too heavy, or your getting too thin, but your not where you want to be. What do you do? How do you handle it?
Honestly, I asked this question because this is where I am struggling. I really have 15 more pounds before I hit my dream goal weight, but I have already hit my dream goal size. There are times I hear "put on a few pounds so your not so boney", or "Don't you lose anymore weight!" which was honestly 7.5 pounds ago. I won't stop though until I am where I want to be, since it is my journey. IF they can accept me obese, then they should be able to accept me on the thinner side.

12. List me your favorite:

color: RED , Dark Purple,  Turquoise, vibrant colors

smell: Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, or Bath &Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar

activity with your child: Playing Uno, Cuddling, Wii

Activity with your girlfriends/ guy buddies: Shopping, talking over starbucks, playing in the dressing room!

way to relax: Knit, or read

13. Where do you honestly see yourself at the end of this challenge?
I see myself at goal, and almost to DREAM goal!

14. What are your goals AFTER Gag?
Continue to DREAM goal, and then maintenance.
15. How do you think GAG is going so far? What would you like to see done differently? (I must be asking for torture! LOL)
I honestly LOVE how Gag is going, and knowing all the inside work it involves, I really think it is going well. Sure, there may be an error or two, but it seems that everyone is working hard and it all seems to be flowing very well.
16. Tell me all about your "typical" autumn weekend? Special activities that arise as well?
Friday ~ after the kids get out of school we go to the library to rent movies. Often it is either a take out night, or a quick meal like tacos, burgers, etc.
Saturday ~ Yard work, cleaning, prepping for Sunday. A full dinner, including dessert for the kids and dh. IN other words BUSY, with the noise cheers from the living room for all the college ball games.
Sunday ~ Church, lunch, and a relaxing afternoon.
17. Is there one person in your life, who you hope your weightloss journey inspires?
Of course! My husband, my BFF, my family, and anyone out there who doesn't believe that they can do this! I did it, so if I can, so can they!
18. How did you find GAG, and what made you committ to join?
Uhm, well that is obvious! LOL. But Gag was founded when I couldn't participate in a weightloss challenge because I had less then 20 pounds to go until goal. (not dream goal). I didnt think it was fair, so I started my own. Plus I loved the friendships that were formed during the last one I hosted in the Spring. I never imagined it would have grown into what it did.
19. If you could nominate one BIGGEST INSPIRATION out of all your Team Gaggers, who would you nominate?
This is hard, becuase all of you in one way or another have inspired me. Not just in my weightloss, but in my life. Thank you for putting yourself out there, and sharing every bit of you.
20. Please, tell me about you. What are your dreams? What are your desires for your life? What sparks the passion inside of you about your life? What goals do you have that seem impossible? One day I would like to become a published author. I dream of making a career out of that. Too bad I cant' get paid for blogging eh? LOL My faith is what inspires me and drives that passion within me to be who I am. Without it, I am no one. I think at one point or another, the writing thing has felt impossible. Right now I have so much energy and time devoted wrapped up right now in my health but I pray soon I can find that extra time.

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  1. Love the survey! I'm getting ready to post mine too. Thanks for creating it!


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