Friday, September 18, 2009

Woohoo! Happy DANCIN!!


I stood on the scale this morning.

It said 151.

My lowest in this journey has been 151.5!

Things are rockin! I will NOT take my scheduled deviation day today...... instead I will push it through till TUESDAY (after weigh in, and the first day of Autumn!).


  1. I love when the scale motivates me to stay focused.


  2. FABulous!!!

    This is using the scale as a positive tool - not only is it reflecting your hard work but it is spurning you on to try even harder!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Congratulations on the new low! Keep up the good work and have a happy, healthy weekend. =)

  4. That is so awesome !! I am so happy for. Virgin territory here you come!

  5. way to go Sheila! You are doing awesome...and like the others have said, way to use the scale as motivation. That's how I use it... I weigh every day...

  6. That's soooo fantastic! Keep on pushin'! :) Looking forward to Tuesday!

  7. That is HUGE! Congrats! Time to do a victory dance. :D

    My daughter is healing up wonderfully. She gets a little grumpy now and then but mostly you can't even tell she had such a major surgery this month. There is more info and a link to pictures on my family blog:

  8. That is awesome!!!! See after no loss last week you are going to lose big this week!!

  9. Wow, yeh! That's really awesome! Keep it up!!!


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