Monday, October 12, 2009

Allowing myself to leave the switch on

(This is a lengthy blog entry. I encourage you to sit down, and enjoy the quiet music, meditate on the words, and allow the Holy Spirit to dwell within you. May God use these words to honor and bless Him. Ps... go grab a cup of coffee, tea, or something you enjoy that is refreshing to you.)

Allowing myself to leave the switch on

In a time of our lives, when the economy is questionable, many of us have began to seek out various ways to save money. For years it has been talked about turning off the light switch until it is needed, and then when your done turn it back off. Seems like a very wise plan and it is as long as you are talking about saving money, electricity, or perhaps even saving the environment.

However, how many times have you turned on that switch to the Power and Presence of God? You know the dril ~ you have a problem (situation) you turn the switch on, give it to God, then when the problem is solved you turn off the switch until you need it again. *Sigh* If you are honest and you are anything like me, too many times that switch is turned off and on. I too often try to handle things on my own because after all, I am a very capable woman.(Insert a giant *SNORT* here)

All the emotional turmoil I have gone through over the last few weeks, the things shared and the ones kept private, I now realize it's because I took matters into my own hands. I made a few poor choices, and in some way or another probably tarnished my testimony a bit in the eyes of friends, strangers, everyone. Realizing that I truly cannot function one iota alone without seeking the guidance of my Father in Heaven, I am awed. I am ashamed of foolishly thinking it's okay to even want to try. My desire is to live freely in the purpose God has for my life, and that means every second of it.

I will not make choices anymore; whether ti be the kind of music I listen to, as well as allow our children listen to, activities we seek out, company we keep both in real life, and online, without first seeking God's discernment and wisdom. I see my life, and there are enough holes from the blessings in which I have caused myself to miss due to arrogance and pride that it literally looks like a slice of swiss cheese.

The blessing is simple. I will choose to turn on the switch and leave it on. I am nothing without my God. I can do nothing on my own. I do not want to miss one more moment embracing ALL that God has for me.

It was an amazing feeling sitting in the sanctuary at church yesterday. I felt like I had not been there forever. It had only been 2 weeks, but it truly felt like a lifetime.  I know that not all of my readers are believers, but you can count on one thing. God is real! And above that, the love he has for us all is astounding!

I want to leave you with something that was VERY profound for me this morning. May God dwell in your presence today, and may you FEEL his presence. ~ God bless you!

Please mute music at bottom of page to view video!

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  1. Wow!! Thank you for sharing that. Watching that clip was exactly what I needed to come to terms with an invisibility problem in a specific aspect of my life. Thank you so much. If you drop by my "place" this afternoon, you may even see the same video.


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