Sunday, October 25, 2009

Before the Sun can rise....

Before the sun can rise, there is a darkness that is present not only apparent to ourselves but for all to see. If it wasn't dark, we wouldn't notice the presence of the sun, when it rises upon the Earth. Just like those times outdoors, when we seek to embrace that  moment, that one moment when the dark sky is touched by just an ounce of light, our lives are the same exact way. When we begin to appreciate our lives for what they are ~ a chance to make the most of every moment, the dark moments are able to be handled and dealt with just because we know that soon, the Son will embrace the situation and as soon as He does, we know it. There is NO DOUBT when a Sonrise comes, just as a sunrise in nature. There are some of you going through these dark times right now, and it must be someone who reads this blog becuase when I hit "new post" I had not intended to start this blog out this way. I had NO intentions of getting into anything this deep this morning. Perhaps I need it, because I am finally seeing the SONRISE in so much of my life. I don't know. But I encourage you, believer or not, to seek Him. Seek what is being shown through this trial you are going through. Sometimes we go through things for ourselves, for our own life lessons. Other times, we go through them for other people; whether those people be in the situation along with us, or on the outside looking in. It hurts, I know it does. Every bit of it is painful. But learn to accept the pain, and deal with it instead of stuffing your feelings to save yourself from the pain, and the process will go through so much quicker. Too often we don't want to allow ourselves to hurt, to feel the feelings of emotional pain, to be angry, to be sad, but those are NATURAL feelings. Stop fooling yourself to think they are from the Devil. Even Jesus wept, He was sad, He was in pain, but the difference was He dealt with those feelings, allowed Himself to feel them, then trusted God, and the entire process. By the end of that emotional circle, He was able to get up and proceed with life. We must live by that example, and be that same kind of example. It's time to rise up, to be real, and yet to also allow ourselves to be genuine to ourselves, and with others. Stop feeling like you have to say (or in  my case write) what others want to hear all the time. It is a waste, lip service.

I am learning to be a bit more bolder in a few of my own real life situations. I have a had a few days to be in constant prayer about how to handle someone in my weekly life. It is hard to feel like we "cant'" mentor someone a generation (or two) above us, but... sometimes the young and weak are called to lead. DAVID! David was a prime example of that. So, I am learning to have the courage to go into things with the knowledge that it is time to be slaying Giants ~ even the Giants in grandma's apron. As I am becoming bolder, braver, I am expecting God to do bigger things in me, through me, and yes... even for me. I know that with God on my side, things can only get better! So my prayer today, is to be restored in His strength, His boldness, His abilities for me. To hear His voice clearly, and without question. As we approach a new week, I will be spending much time not only preparing my heart for the task at  hand, but preparing my home.

I knew this month would bring busyness for me, but I never imagined that the end of the month would bring on the crazyness that is about to partake me and my family! But.. I am ready! I am scheduling three workout days a week, if I get more ~ GREAT, if I don't ~ that is okay. Friday  night I have a meeting, and candy bags to fill ( like over 10,000), Saturday is Candy Craze at church ( our Halloween alternative including an alter call!!), Sunday is church, the following weekend is practice ( our Choir is performing a Christmas concerto with the Houston Symphony the first Sat in Dec), and I promised to take the kids to see "A Christmas Carol", because I love Jim Carrey and ... the Charles Dickens classic is my favorite of all time in all forms that we get to see it! The busyness only continues until after Christmas. I LOVE it! I love that I have alot that is keeping me grounded in HIS desire for me, and don't forget nanowrimo! God is moving in that for me as well ~ lots of things stirring!

I won't promise to blog daily, but I do promise to at least keep you up to date with me through this busy time. I want to share my life with ya'll, becuase well ~ I just want to! For now, have a blessed Sunday!


  1. Almost in tears... almost. The Lord is my shepherd, my Rock, my Redeemer. I feel lately like He is my Husband, and I am blessed.

    Sheila, do you have a PO box, I want to send you a little something I think you'll appreciate.

  2. OH Annalisa, you are too precious to me! I emailed you my address, and I can't wait!! I love surprises! Thank you for being my personal cheer leader! YOU always have the right words to say to me to lift me up when I need it. Thank you!!


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