Saturday, October 17, 2009

Change of heart, change of motive

Early today on this post I talked about a possible new purchase for my home. Well, for my hobbies. I have been in a state of prayer for wisdom the ENTIRE morning over this. Almost in agony. I first decided to wait, that if I had RENT one.. I didn't need it. It is NOT a necessity, especially to "writing". So, after getting my haircut, I bought groceries. While gathering food from afar (because I went to a neighboring town) I decided to pick up a few old fashioned tools to begin my writing project. A notebook and some new pens. Paid for. I owe no one nothing!

Do you see where this is going? I stayed in that state of prayer after bringing home groceries, putting things away, preparing lunch, eating lunch, and going to cut my mil's hair. On the way home, I had my answer. And the funny thing is it was from a sermon preached on a few weeks ago. We were learning about the truths of tithing, and how to keep ontop of your finances during a recession (as we are in now).  "If you can't pay for it,  you don't need it!" is the thought that I heard LOUD and CLEAR! 

Praise the Lord for his wisdom, and for the ability to hear his small and quiet voice. Do you know why we (Christians) say that God's voice is so quiet and small? Because ... have you ever wispered to a child? They listen so intently and never miss a sound. EVEN if you just repeated something you might have been saying over and over that has gone unheard. Whisper and they will hear you! I think that a quiet voice is something so profound and in my Christian walk, have come to listen for and yearn to hear. I feel so at peace with this decision. I will NOT get one of those until I can pay for it in full and leave not owing ONE DIME. I understand Rental companies are available and I can see how they may be convienent when a necessity comes up like needing a fridge, stove or washer/dryer, but .... come on. A computer? A tv? NOT something that will effect me day to day. :) I am so glad that I didnt' make a rash decision and just do it, because I thought maybe I "deserved" it, or because I was "worth" it. I am worth all things out there, but... if I can't pay for it out right, I don't need it! PERIOD!

Now, I am off to finish blessing my home with a much lighter heart! For dinner tonight, we are actually eating breakfast! Sausage gravy and biscuits. MMM! Warm, comforting, good! Down home food! Simple yet very pleasing. I have enough calories left in my day too! Woohoo! I did NOT make it to the gym today, but that is okay. I am okay with that. We have gone and gone and gone it feels all week. I am ready to rest and enjoy a bit of free time.


  1. :) Just letting you know you are making me smile. I'm still in love with your blog Sheila - as if you didn't know.

  2. Sheila you have touched my heart. Bravo.

    I love the little lesson you just taught me about whispering as well. Thank You.

  3. Sarah and Annalisa, I thank you both for your words of encouragment, and for simply loving me for who I am! Thank you so much!!


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