Monday, October 5, 2009

Move it Monday

I am a bit rushed for time, but have a whole jumble of things I want to share this morning, before I go about really getting my day moving. In my defense, the only thing left to finish getting purty for the day is my "mop". LOL
  • A good night's rest is crucial to clear thinking, losing weight, and overall happiness.
  • Having a few "off" weekends won't kill your weightloss plan. It is when those weekends close in from Friday through Thursday! Thank the Lord, that isn't happening with me. My body wouldn't let it even if I wanted it.
  • My kids were excited that we had another late night Saturday, but were also elated when they found out that next Saturday we are staying home, and laying low. Oh how I love those children!
  • It is warming up again this week only to be greeted with a cooler cool front at the end of the week. Nice.
  • I wonder how much slack I will get for NOT making mashed potatoes for dinner! Think my husband will notice? OH yeah I am sure.
  • Yesterday's blog post is still in my head! I think I will work on that "Self Inspiration" project I wanted to start on last week. I didn't start it yet, but I am eager to.
  • Hitting the gym this afternoon! It is like I get to go see a long lost friend! (We haven't been since the flu hit, and even though I love my wii fit, nothing will compare to a hard workout at the gym!)
  • Our area lost 2 police officers this Saturday evening. Both of them were father's to young children. Please pray for our men and women who are serving your communities in the fire department as well as the police department.
Okay. The mumble jumble is out! LOL Have a lovely Monday. Here is a pic to get your thoughts on YOUR journey, and to discover what you want to do with your life.

No matter how BIG your journey is, or how small you feel, YOU will get there! Embrace each moment for what it is, and learn from it. Don't give up, push forward, and allow those around you to help!

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