Monday, October 5, 2009

A new writing opportunity for weightloss bloggers

A new writing opportunity is being opened up for weightloss bloggers. This is a free lance project, and it is done on a volunteer type basis, but will require a minimum of a six month committment on your part.

If you would like to apply, and fall into one of the categories described below, then email me your request, and the process will begin from there.

*Just starting on your weightloss journey (within the last three months)

*Has over 100 pounds to lose

* In the 1/2 way point of your weightloss journey (losing 40+ pounds)

*5 to 10 pounds away from your goal (and have lost 60+ pounds) ~ This position is filled

*Is actively maintaining a weightloss of over 60+ pounds and have decided to remain in maintenace rather then continue.

Please do NOT inquire if you have had any type of weightloss surgery or your weightloss has been aided by prescription medication. There will only be 5 to 7 positions to fill in this project and if there are several people applying for the same category, there will be an additional interview process. If you fall some where between these catagories and still feel the desire to apply, then by all means contact me as soon as possible.

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