Sunday, October 18, 2009

Passions, Dreams, and gifts.

Teaching is my gift. I love teaching. I have passion in my teaching approach, and I look at each new day, week, and month as a "new beginning' to reach what hasn't been reached within young children, as well as myself. But I also have dreams. BIG ONES. They have  always been within me, and you know what? YOU have them too! Are you doing anything to get towards your dreams? I used to hide those dreams, feeling like I was silly for having them, crazy for wanting to persue them, and even niaeve for feeling like I could actually acheive them. I am finding new drive, motivation, desire to allow myself to dream again ~ and ... it's the same ones I have always had.

I found this amazing story and wanted to share! If a marine, can find time while ON DUTY to write and complete her goal.. guess what, I can too. I can do what it takes, so can you! "What's your dream" (in my best impersonation of that guy at the beginning of Pretty Woman)? Everyone has one. I want to know what YOURS is! What are you going to do to touch it?

One thing daily I am learning is this. Life is too short to not dream, and chase that dream! Even in the midst Especially in the midst of the every day hum drumness of life.We can lose all the chances we get at living life a bit fuller by allowing ourselves to succomb to what "society" tells us. I didn't believe in myself about my weightloss, until ... I allowed myself to persue it. I acheived it. I reached it. I have arrived. Now... comes maintenance. Can I do it? Absolutely ~ i have no doubt. So... can I become a published writer? Absolutely! I know I can. I wouldn't be filled with this deep desire to persue it if I couldnt'!

I am excited to see what the week ahead brings!


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  2. I just wanted to say that I follow your blog religiously. I really love all the posts that you write. I find them interesting and inspiring. I don't always comment, but I had to comment on this post.

    I am a huge dreamer. Sometimes my huge dreams even get me into trouble! But, I speak about my dreams on my blog all the time. I have the same kind of outlook on dreams as you do and I just wanted you to know that this post like most of your others, has inspired me. Thank you for sharing this.

    My dream, is to at least try out for the Radio City Rockette's in NYC. A huge dream would be to actually make it and dance with them. One day, I know I will at least try out! I am also an elementary education major and once I graduate... another dream is to be a successful teacher like you!

    Thank you for this post. Huge inspiration =)

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