Saturday, October 31, 2009

Question of the Week : A new feature

I am starting a new feature on the blog here, so join me! Once a week, most likely on Saturday, I will post a "Question of the week". I would LOVE to get your replies, and perhaps even post your own answer to the question of the week on your blog! They will be topically intresting, yet not stale or one subject devoted.  Smply put, they won't always be on spiritual things, weightloss, parenting, crafting, etc. They will be different every single week.

This week's question:

"What do you to cope when life kicks into overdrive?"
This is something I am finding hard to do. For so long my life was one sided, geared toward one thing. As of late, I feel like life has absolutely kicked into overdrive and I am not sure how to deal with it. I am fatigued. I am worn out. And even just today I was so busy, that I didn't have breakfast, rushed around, and finally ate at lunch time ~  and not clean foods. I have yet to start that fast. It starts tomorrow. It has to. On the way to candy craze at church ( our Halloween alternative) I was just tired and worn out that I was truly considering sleeping in tomorrow. I do NOT like feeling THAT tired. BUT...... God used this event to rejuvinate me, to refresh me, and on the way home this week's question of the day popped out. I need to find some good healthy coping mechanisms to get me through the next two months, because to be honest not one day slows down until then. My usual coping mechanisms is fast food, comfort food, and things that are NOT healthy. I need to be refreshed ~ not refueled with junk. I need to find ways to release stress, and yet find the time for it as well (not the stress, but the release).  I didn't realize how stagnent my life had gotten until these past two weeks or so. Sure, life  had seemed busy before, but let me tell you ~ I musta been wastin alot of time. I have been so productive with these new projects, that not only are things getting done for them, BUT... things are being kept up at home, at school, and yeah, even with the kids and hubby. DEEP BREATH SHEILA! I am giving up all extra caffeene except in my coffee. THAT is the only indulgent thing I refuse to get rid of.

So, when your life gets busy ~ what do you do to cope? How do you find just 5 minutes to refresh, to get rejuvinated. What rejuvinates you? And... how do you handle life and keep some normalcy too?


  1. Can I be honest? LOL when am I ever NOT?

    Sex :) Spoil your hubby, and you'll be refreshed with how he spoils you back.

    Alternative: Coffee with good friends - not as good as the first option :)

    Also helpful, taking Sundays off - church always helps me to force time off and time out from the stresses of life.

    Good luck Sheila :)

  2. I cry and have a prayer retreat with Go and my bible.

    Crying may not be the most useful situation for you but I find when I am broken I am more apt to listen to the Lord and be refreshed in His Presence.


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