Saturday, October 17, 2009

Serving Up Saturday

Did you miss me yesterday? It was just one of those busy days. A fun busy day, with lots of giggles, and such. A day with yummy on the goness. A day of hope. A full day.

I am venturing out on a writing project soon, and my blogging my seem to go on a hiatus. I am doing this for myself, and I thank Sue for blogging about it this past week. In fact, it is an answer to prayer for me. For my future. For fullfilling my dreams, and my biggest passion. Writing. Writing with a purpose!

To knock off this project of mine, I am highly considering stopping in and buying renting a Netbook, so that I can take it everywhere, and do what must be done.(Read: while waiting in line for kids at school, on my bed, in the livingroom, etc. FREEING up the computer area in the home!) Even if I don't finish by the nano deadline, it is still a dream and passion of mine that I want to persue. One day, that is what I want to do full time. I love writing, even for myself, but to know that I can maybe share some of all this in my head, I think it can be used for many things. I will let you know if I get that netbook,. because it is realy the biggest purchase I have made on my own, usually my dh spoils me that way but I don't want to outright purchase one and then end up NOT liking it. Renting it is going to be the wisest thing for me right now.

 Things are changing daily for me, as I embrace this thing called Life. I am loving choosing foods for fuel, knowing what is ahead of me and what it is going to take to face the day. I love enjoying a nice steamy bowl of oatmeal and not feeling guilty! I thank you for those who are praying for me during this transition time physically. I am over joyed that things are going well, and my body is utilizing things like it hasn't before. I am not feeling bloated, I am NOT feeling gassy, and my BM's have been restored. (I know TMI, but c'mon.... this is a real blog! LOL) My sleep has been restored to a great place, and I am waking up REFRESHED!! OH! And I love going to the gym feeling like the workout I am doing is worth it, and it is going to make a dfference. Because, by golly, it does.

I will be heading out to the gym in a few minutes, then off to make my big purchase, the grocery store, home to unload and put away, then off to my mil's home to cut her hair. Then I will come back home to enjoy cleaning up of the home, and then sitting down to enjoy some family time, and perhaps get a head start on my writing project! How exciting to truly be able to embrace the moment of each moment of the day. Amazing! Our weather is lovely outside too! It is nice and crisp this morning. Something we surely aren't used to, but loving. Tomorrow morning will be a bit cooler, so I will definately be wearing my black blazer to church!

While Gag was on it's hiatus this week I have been in prayer for the entire challenge, and for what would be best, for everyone involved. There will be an announcement coming on that , on Tuesday. If you are a Gag challenger just know that your best interest is at my first and foremost of all decision making in this entire challenge. It always has been, and it will continue to be.

Okay. I am off to clean a bit then get busy! Loving life right now! Embracing it, and making the most of my days! I hope you are too.

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