Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I know.. I know... it's not even close enough to "turkey day' to talk about all those things I am thankful for, right? WRONG!! It is never a wrong time to have a thankful heart, and to be honest, I am enjoying this Thankful time in my life. Again, it has been a long time coming.

  • An increased sense of God's presence not only in my home, but all around me during my day. My thoughts are much more aligned with what I imagine he would desire of me as a wife, mother, daughter of him. I feel my purpose in life, is being tended to daily, and right now that purpose is the nurture and the care of my dear husband, and our children. I am LOVING it, every minute of it!
  • Friends. REAL friends. Those who don't mind hearing your stories over again, those who do love you for who you are, those who simply just accept you and never judge your nor talk down to you. Do  you know of many like that? Me either! I have about three of those and that is it. I love them more then I can express. I would love to have more true friends, but I completely understand how hard it is to find them since we all get so wrapped up in what "society" expects of us, and well.. I am not a "Sex in the City" kind of gal. I don't get wrapped up in the spitefulness, the gossip, or the unbecoming attitudes. I certainly don't like hanging out with those types. Diana, Lisa, and Mindy are truly my besties, and I love them each in a different way. God has been pretty faithful in giving me these friends, and I so thankful for them.
  • Healthy Children. Yep. I am blessed. I know many who are dealing with serious issues like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and yet I have three kids who are perfectly healthy! Sure, they have some seasonal allergies, as we all do in this area, but that is NOTHING compared to some of these stories I hear. I am thankful that right now, God has me in a place to be able to enjoy the health of my kids. I am thankful that we have insurance to take care of whatever need may arise. I am thankful that they are learning how to make proper food choices, and can even walk away from chocolate cake 1/2 eaten, because they are full. AMAZING! I love it!
  • My husband. What can I say that would bring enough honor to him? My oh my I love that man. I am truly and passionately in love with this man, even after being married over 14 years. We were talking together the other day and realized we have "been togehter" for over 17 years. Amazing. And  I love him more today then I did back then. He still makes my heart flutter, makes me giggle, and I am just head over heels!
I have spent quite the time in the kitchen this morning. I baked a cake for work  for a coworkers birthday, fixed my dh's breakfast and lunch, have muffins in the oven now for the kids' breakfast, and am about to go fix three of our lunches. (one is buying lunch at school today) Oh! And dinner is cooking in the crockpot! Cool weather is coming, girl time tomorrow, payday today, who could ask for more? Have a blessed day, and take some time out to be thankful for what God is doing in your life today! Stop looking at all the negative things going on in your life and begin looking for the good. I can guarantee that if you do that, then you will begin to see that there is more good around you then you first realized. How you live your life and who you surround yourself with is a choice. And believe me it matters!

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