Thursday, October 29, 2009

Till years end....

Fasting. That is what I am doing. To build strength. To build endurance. To build a bit of self control. There are many ways one can fast, and for various reasons. Some are spiritual, some are health. I for one am doing a deep and hard fast for a mix of reasons.

I am not going on a complete fast, away from ALL foods, but definately away from many, in fact most. I really don't want to go into details of what I will NOT be eating, but instead what I will be GAINING from taking such drastic measures.

* Self control.* Seems when I let the reigns down a bit, it is hard to hold tight to them again. I find reasons, and ways to "let go" again. I am not healthy. Not like I was say, a month ago when I had those reigns held in pretty tight. I even have a few "unhealthy" symptoms going on right now leading me to make even poorer food choices, so  instead of giving in one more time, I am instead going the complete opposite way. Just because I feel "icky" doesn't or should I SHOULDN"T give me permission to eat a 1/3  of a pan of brownies just because it is rainy and cold outside. (No not today... but earlier in the week.) I have lost the "self control" I need to complete this journey of mine. I don't like how it makes me feel inside. Physically, but mostly emotionally. I don't like feeling like I am OUT of control. That is not who I am normally.

* Freedom to spend mental time on other things.* I have so much going on right now, that I am already going in a million different directions. I simply cannot devote as much time "thinking" about what I am eating, and more so on what I am NOT eating. By simply reducing my choices, it makes it all that much simpler. I will be spending time this weekend cooking things getting them ready for the week ahead, and see how that helps in the process.

* Finding fullfillment through other things then food* For too long I look to foods to comfort me through the coldness of this season, through the darkness of the cloudy skies, and even to give me a chance to remember to the freedom of the times when I was a kid this time of year. I am done. Done trying to find comfort through soup ~ when truly food is fuel. Yes I can have some good soup ~ but it isn't an excuse to down a plate of pasta! LOL

This fast of mine will be continuous throughout the end of the year, because for me it is going to be needed to get through the crazyness of being pulled into many different directions, having the proper energy to tackle not only physical fatigue, but seasonal fatigue as well. I truly think this is not only going to break this constant battle I have going on lately, but also get me to the next level. (Pauses to get calendar)

Breaks in the Fast:
I believe that there are times when we must take a "break" especially in a ritual as strict as I am going. So, for that reason, I have chosen one day every two weeks.
November 13, November 27, December 11, and December 25

*Weight Loss* Yes, the benefits of restricting the choices of foods is weightloss, and I am excited about that. CLEAN weightloss ~ not manipulated by meds, or any crazy stuff. Simple foods. Things even a caveman could do! LOL So, because of that, and I have so many of you out their who have become such good weightloss buddies, I will share my weight change on the days that I have a "break" from the fast. So I will report in my weight on Oct 30 (tomorrow), Nov 13, Nov 27, Dec 11, and of course Dec 25. I weighed in this morning at 156 but I gave into temptation at breakfast, lunch AND dinner. UGH. (You can see this change on the side bar. It will be updated as stated above, biweekly.)
*Consistency* I am lacking alot of that lately with my own health, and the choices I am making for myself. I switched gears and have become more consistent with my parenting, taking care of my home, etc... but NOT with ME. ~ why did I stop??

I get the WHOLE day to myself tomorrow!! :) My dh is working and the kids will be at school. I do not want to spend that time running around doing a million jillion things. SO...... I hope to be blogging some tomorrow, and I plan on resting. Hopefully whatever this new bug I have will zip out of the way. I felt like I was hit by a mack truck last night, and today it has gotten ickier. *sigh* I am here to say ~ bad food choices, lead to illness. SERIOUSLY!


  1. Thats awesome! McHubby and I fast through the 40 days of lent every year. Its an incredible feeling!

  2. LOL copy cat ;) I'm only going for 14 days though, not through 2009! Good luck honey.

    Oh, about that thing I promised to send... I'll let you know when it's in the mail, but probably Wednesday or so next week. Sorry to get your hopes up and make you wait, I've been really busy.

  3. Sheila
    In February I did The Daniel Fast, which is 21 days long and eliminates various foods from your diet.

    I want to encourage you as you fast. Do not be let down if you are not on a spiritual high during your fast. My amazing experience with God came after the fast.

    While there is a struggle while "depriving" yourself the rewards are so worth it.


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