Sunday, October 11, 2009

Transformation... it is possible!

This morning was a moving moment for me. I was reminded about a part of me that was sitting on the sidelines, watching life go by waiting for a chance to be included into the game. Sitting, watching, and more likely then not ~ praying for me to see her ... waiting... paitently. Because I am not a patient person , that couldnt' really have been a part of me now could it? Making choices that really aren't me, simple things, that get down into your roots, things that consume you ~ why didn't I see it before today? I knew this morning when I arose, that today would be a miracle making day. That I would leave church this morning ... changed. Completely. All the way. I am. Moved. Transformed. Complete.

Everything about who I am, what I spend my time dong, how I react, how I don't react, what I listen to, watch, and choose to be a part of wil REAK of this transformation! My transformation will be used by the Holy Spirit to begin transforming others. Amazing. Beautiful. Lovely.

Today = Transformation!


  1. Transformation. Sounds exciting. I am so happy my transformation time is OVER, now I'm just back into "Get Busy" time again. It's where I feel comfortable.

    I've acknowedged you with a Gorgeous Blogger Award. Come pick it up at my site when you find the time :)

  2. Thanks for the award Annalisa! It is an honor!

    We truly never leave the place of transformation ~ becuase it is in the transformation where God continues to move us to a higher place. When we are in his presence face to face in Heaven, then we can say tranformation is complete! I have so much to share, I am just gathering my thoughts, and seeking his guidance on how and when.

    I am amazed at the beauty of his perseverance and the way he calmly waits for us to return to him humbed and completely. I am almost ashamed of the condition of my heart as of late.

  3. Hi, coming over from Annalisa's! I love your heart for the Lord! I'm open to transformation...I welcome it! Looking forward to following you!


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