Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

Ahhhh... do you hear that? QUIET! I have waited all week for this moment! LOL So, now that I have a few moments to myself ( Praise the Lord that my husband is naping, kids at school), I thought I would do a wrap up blog post sharing some things that have "hit me" this week. This will probably be all over the place, so go get you a cup of your favorite beverage that you like to drink , me I will just sit here and wait. Just finished some lemonade, so I am good!

Things are going well with the kids. I thought I would post a few new pics, because it well... has been a while!

The boys LOVE to have pics taken!

Kristen is at that funny quirky stage with pics!

Report cards come home today, and because of modern technology I have a sneak peak! LOL The twins who are in 2nd grade have straight A's, while Kristen who is in 5th grade has all A's and B's. I am very proud of all three of them, because they have worked hard this past six weeks! They have learned so much, and are cooperating once again with an afternoon schedule that is working for us all. They asked me this morning if we were going to church this Sunday. It does this momma's heart some good when I realize that not only did *I* miss it, but they did too. It truly does make a difference in our daily lives, by attending church on Sunday. Now, don't get me wrong. We don't just "go to church", we live church daily. I think in the next few weeks I will share of how our Christian life, really became just that and steps we are doing to increase that growth as we are all growing. God is sooo good in this, and I can't wait to be able to go into more details!

Preschool is going wonderfully. I LOVE MY CLASS! Every year I say that, every year I mean it! Each new school year, new group of students, are such a gift and a blessing! They just teach you so much about yourself, about God and his wonderful gifts, and about one another. Children can truly teach you more then you can imagine if you allow yourself to think outside the stuffy box that you live in.

My dear loved one, and I are doing well. I am so thankful that Joel loves me undconditionally, and has dealt with me during all these transitions. I know it was difficult on him, as it is me, and I feel bad that he has had to even deal with any of the sillyness, over obsessiveness, too much wishy washyness, and above that he understanding about me having to take some time out for myself. We are hopelessly devoted, in the good times and the bad. This time of year though, brings LOTS of good times, but as with any household and an increasingly crazy economy, some tough times too. We (especially ME) is determined to get through the next three months with a more positive attitude about clinching our budgets, and not going overboard for Christmas.

This week has been a monumental week for me. Not because the scale had anything to do with it. But because I have come to a realization that I wasn't sure I could face. Do you want to know what that is? That I am in a sweet spot. I think that is one reason I have been having the little deviations on weekends. And do you want to know something? I am feeling really good. There are no "binges" just things I don't eat all week long. I am so okay with that. I almost want to call "goal" but .... I don't think I am quite ready to do that. But to know that If I never lost another ounce I would be happy ~ is a great feeling. THAT is way different then last week. Way different then any time in my adult life.  I have returned to the gym ~ not out of "needing" to drop the weight, or feeling like I HAD to go, but because I wanted to go. THAT is progress people! I do not eat the way I eat (at least 5 days a week) because I HAVE to, but because I want to. I do not share my journey because I feel I NEED to, but because I feel led to.

I realize it is hard for alot of my readers to comprehend some of the things I have been through, or have you relate to where I have been because I have not always shared the hard times. There were some, but this journey has been life altering and worth every  minute. In the GAG challenge, I get so discouraged to see others just give up. But what can you do? I do best when I focus on ME and MY weightloss, rather then worrying about trying to motivate others, and get them into their own. I give up trying. I wont' go out of my way to only have my efforts squashed and told "it's too hard". (I am talking about people in my real life ~  not online). All I have to say about that is this: "If it was easy, there would not be sooo many people who are obese ~ and continually killing themselves with food."


  1. OMG you have an adorable family... kids and hubby! You're so lucky!

    And I swear your posts just speak to me!I'm working on a post right now (will be up later this afternoon my time) about my intentions and reasons for doing the things I do that's related to weight-loss. I had a 'hater' email me the other week and you hit all the points I never thought of to write! I do things because I want to, not because I HAVE to!

  2. How'd I miss this one? I LOVE your pictures. Your kids are gorgeous, your daughter looks just like you, even though it's not a great picture, I can see it. It makes me wanna meet you, be your friend, go for a coffee one day :) Your life is contagious Sheila. The Christ in you is magnetic. *Sigh* I wish I could blog about the Christ side of me the way you do... I think I will start trying. Like when you started out, I think I'll have a separate blog to start, then when I am happy about it, start my own "One Pretty Little Box"... THANK YOU for ALL of your inspiration.


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