Friday, October 2, 2009

With holding weigh in

Because I am who I am, I have made a decision to not weigh in online until Tuesday October 13, 2009. For Gag that means, I will use my FREE PASS (my first) simply because I want to use the next few weeks without any added pressure. I do not have the pressure from feeling like I am dissapointing my team, because GAG is about my individual loss ~ not my teams loss. I am however, taking the pressure off of me, at a time when I need to begin figuring out more of  a maintenance plan. I can't say I won't weigh in daily ~ I always do. I just won't be weighing in publicaly.

 ~~ Sorry to interrupt your day for that little announcement! LOL ~


  1. Sheila, you can interrupt my day anytime with your little announcements! LOL...

  2. Lol.. no interruption! And love how you reminded me that although we're on teams in GAG, we are doing this for ourselves. I just wrote on Annalisa's blog that I felt guilty for whichever team had me because it's actually a disadvantage. I'm so close to my goal weight, my weight-loss has slowed down so much over the last several months... I'll be lucky to see a one-pound loss in a week! Sorry Team Vixon... but don't you doubt that I'm bringing it... cause I am!

    Will be looking forward to your weigh-in next next week!

  3. Thanks Annie! And guess what!? NO ONE has to worry about team weigh in's AGAIN until the last 4! Hopefully by then, the whole "It really is about ME and not everyone else" will catch on. Also, I hate hearing "I let my team down" when really what should be said is "I LET MYSLF DOWN". It is easy to say we let someone else down, but when we admit to letting ourselves down, we actually do something about it. ~ Just my opinion.


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