Wednesday, November 4, 2009

10 Things I LOVE about me

Hee hee! Couldnt' resist! I love that muvie 10 things I hate about you, so .. yeah! HA HA! (this spured from this mornings post on being too judgemental on ourselves. IF you havent' checked it out, please do!)

Here is my list:
1. I am fun! I love that I love to laugh, enjoy life, and can get down and dirty with some preschoolers in playdough, sand, and mud!
2. I am a good parent! I know this. I have confidence that the way I (we really cause I couldnt' do it without my husband) am raising our kids will actually be a benefit to the world, not a hendrance.
3. I am pretty in my own unique way. I know this. My irish, english stuff comes out when my hair is all dolled up and my make up is on. But I also have a natural beauty that doesn't come to everyone. Sounds like I am prideful? No, just finally realizing how BEAUTIFUL our God made me! He don't make junk.
4. I can bake like no other!! Seriously! I LOVE to bake, and it always tastes so good (even if it isn't so good for you).
5. I am most satisfied with a simple life The simple things please me. I am not a high maintenance kind of gal.
6. I can hang with the boys and still have fun.
7. I DO NOT gender bash, and will stand up for men when I hear women just ragging all over them and compartmentalizing EVERY MAN as the same. I know I cant' stand it when I hear "well you women"... dont' compare me to some of the women out there PLEASE!
8. My home is important to me. Cleanliness yes, but making our house feel like a home is most important.
9. I am a devoted friend. I too often forgive too easily.
10. I LOVE that I put my husband 2nd in my life, only after God. Joel will forever come first priority over children, work, housework, my own hobbies, ministry, etc... THAT is what God asks of us.

So, now it's your turn! WHAT is 10 things you LOVE about you?


  1. Great post today Sheila! It's great to see you so positive about yourself in your post! You ARE beautiful!

    I'm one that is very satisfied in the simple life too! I am no where close to high maintenance. Being high maintenance does not even sound fun to me! LOL...

  2. I loved your previous post on judging. And I loved this one even more. It seems to me that we have a lot of the same qualities. Being too forgiving and being a very devoted friend is definitely one that we share.

    I watched some of you vlogs. You are so beautiful! And, they are so entertaining and fun to watch. You are an amazing person! =)

  3. You both just rock! Thanks for the encouraging words and kindness that you both continue to show me!

    I am determined to teach myself to think POSITIVE things about myself. It is hard, but a challenge I am working on for myself. Perhaps I will share it for others to begin this amazing revolution for themselves.

  4. Loved learning about you! Wish I could try some of your baked goods cause i LOVE baked goods!

    It sounds like you're doing amazing right now so keep it up!

  5. 11) You are an amazing teacher who has a genuine love for her students and fosters a love for fun learning in all of those little ones that enter your class. My two children have been immensely blessed and enriched by being in your class!

    Love ya!


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