Saturday, November 21, 2009

500th post giveaway & celebration

I will soon be celebrating my 500th post since I began blogging in 2007. So, in honor of that, and all that has changed in my life I want to  honor you ~ my readers (whether your subscribed or not) you have totally gone the rollercoaster ride with me, and I appreciate you for that!

This is post 491 so I would say within in the next week I will definately hit that 500 post! Especially when I am on Thankgiving vacation this week, and will have two of those days to myself to do with as I please, LOL!
If you would like to participate in this giveaway, here is how you can enter:

1. Leave a comment here in this post, and share with me the one thing you noticed that you have changed for the positive in the last year, and how you plan on continuing!
2. Link about this giveaway on your own blog . (post and let me know you have done this so I can count your name 2x's)

Two ways! And the prize, well.. now that's a secret! LOL

With much Love and Gratitude,


  1. Hey Sheila! I have changed a lot in this past year, but the best I can think of is the food my family eats (mainly the dinners). And for snacks, my kids are always looking at portion sizes and are counting out their pretzels, or using the scale :) I posted a link on my blog, too. Thanks! and Congrats on 500 posts! I love reading your blog!

  2. Congrats on nearing your 500th post, Sheila. ♥

    This was hard for me to think on but I finally realized exactly how I have changed this year. I committed to change, instead of just playing around with the idea of change. It started with a commitment to exercise 6 days a week and grew into a habit and then grew even more into an enjoyment thing. I used to think of exercise as just another chore and weight loss/intake control as an insurmountable obstacle-- but that is so last year. Now exercise is my "spa time" to rejuvinate and refocus myself. Accepting control of my weight and my intake has become empowering. I guess it's an attitude thing, when you get to the base of it. We create our own obstacles.

  3. My health, beyond a shadow of a doubt, my health. I am not changing much in my program, so I am sure the journey to healthiness will only continue.

  4. What a great idea. How have I changed? I think I've become more family focused and not worried about the little things. Spending time with the kids etc is more important than dust!!

  5. WEll you know my story i have changed totally . I feel like anew person, I feel like i am reborn i guess you could say in my faith, my marriage, my kids life, etc. I am eating so much better now and i feel like a brand new person . i also find my self MORE and MORE happier then i have ever been in the last 31years before surgery. I have a life time journey to go to stay healthy now but its going to be the best life ever i see great things ahead now that i am healthier. gosh i think i wrote a book sorry .......loVE YA JULIETOh and i will try to post this on my blog if i can figure it out lolol

  6. This year I have finally "found my voice." I have begun stating my needs and wants instead of hoping people would guess them or telling myself they didn't matter. I started taking care of myself emotionally and in other ways. This year I finally recognized that I was allowing people to emotionally abuse me because I grew up with it and I have begun establishing boundaries in order to stop it.


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