Monday, November 16, 2009

The anticipation of more meaningful times

This morning, I awoke feeling lots better then I have in a few days. I can swallow again without feeling like I was going to claw my throat out. Yay! A little nasal congestion, but that is easy to deal with. I am excited about this week! That may have lots to do with it. But I am also anticipory about it too. We have a Thanksgiving feast coming up with the kids in class, though ours is in the morning, I just pray it goes smoothly. I am sure it will, they usually do. But I am anticipating a week off next week! I am anticipating how to shop for my kids this Christmas. I am anticipating lots of things, and I love it. It is a good thing.

Speaking of Christmas, My heart has been prompted to spend more time on keeping Christ in Christmas this year then all the gift giving. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts but that isn't the point is it? My kids know this, yet they anticipate tons because year after year I say, there isn't going to be much under the tree this year (not because of finances, but because of convictions) then I find all these 'great buys" and can't resist. Not this year. IF I spend more it will be on something that is going to nurture them in their relationship with Christ. Their gifts will be meaningful. I Have already purchased one thing a piece for them as a "filler" because well ~ they were a good deal and something the kids would like. Here on out, the things I buy will be for a purpose!

MP3's for each w/ a $10.00 gfit card: They are music lovers, and while I don't mind all types of music I DO mind the nonsence of DJ"s now a days. This way, they can listen to some of what they want ( and believe me they LOVE Toby mac as much as I do) and I still have a bit of control over what "else" they listen to.

Bibles for each: The ones they have now, they are beginning to out grow, and I want to find ones they can read, and still find the encouragement they need for this stage in their life. Along with a new bible cover!

The gifts above will be from Santa.

Kristen: I have considered a few things for this girl, who has entered the preteen stage. I am pretty sure there will be a piece of jewlery from James Avery, a gift pack from Bath and body works, and some clothing.

Holton & Charles: They are into wrestling, so they will get one "together" gift of a wrestling wring (for some action figures), 2 action figures each (WWE), and some clothes.

Those gifts will be from Mom and Dad.

Simple, plenty, meaningful. Gone are the days of just buying to buy. I no longer try to buy my children's approval. Instead we will be spending money AND time this season, making new tradtions, rekindling old ones, and enjoying the simple fact we are blessed to have one another. Gone are the days of spending to spend, and worrying about doing that AND paying bills. We will spend one weekend in December baking (hopefully a cool weather one) and creating candies for friends and neighbors. Maybe we will have a cookie bake off with some friends. I did not list the stocking stuffers above, because well, I am first not so sure we are using the same stockings ( the current ones are HUGE), or purchasing smaller but more meaningful ones. I do know that each one will either contain a Wii game, and maybe a movie. We love our Wii and it has brought us many hours (not during football season obviously) of family fun and togetherness.

Next week I am out of school, but my three are attending school on Monday and Tuesday. I plan to take them out on Wednesday (for a bit before making pies) to maybe see Planet 51 and out to lunch. Should be a good day! And.. I am not going to "hang" that over their head all week this week and into the weekend either. This is a fun thing for us to just enjoy time together!

So much to anticipate, but let us not forget to enjoy the moments we have today! Each one of them.

ETA: I may also throw in one board game for each of the children. Something that they have been wanting more of, and even though we have a good collection, can you really have too many games? Possibly a puzzle as well ~ because well those are just great skill builders, and unity building actiivty.

With Much Love,

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  1. Christmas sounds wonderful! Perfect amount and quality in your pressy ideas. Sounds like I need to get myself a list too... I spent so much money this month on... whatever - spontaneous junk purchases, not sure where the money went. I really can't afford to do that. It's good to have a plan.


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