Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beautiful You : Week One

It all started with one little thought : "If I could learn to love me, imagine how much more I could love those around me!" It would also reverse this critical thinking I have going on lately. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of week one were posted, but I have decided to do a weekly post once a week on Saturdays. (I know this is late)

Here is what has been posted so far:
Thursday ~ November 5
Friday & Saturday ~ November 6 and 7
Sunday ~ November 8

So, here is Monday ~ Saturday things that I love about me (6x3=18)
1. I love that my face is in porportion. Not too fat, not to skinny.
2. I love my blue eyes, especially when I laugh.
3. I love love love that I love to sing.
4. I have even learned to love it when I cry, because there is an emotional release being given up ~ and not numbed by excess food or even poor food choices.
5. I love when my body is beginning to feel worn down, it wants things like a warm pair of pj's and some down time.
6. I love that I often can go days without picking up a book, and then pick it up and it feels like I never put it down.
7. I also love when I am reading, how I can imagine and make the characters come to life in my brain. It is often why I can't read a book before I see a movie ~ it HAS to be the other way around.
8. I love that I do not struggle to get to sleep. Most times I can lay down, and be out in 15 to 20 minutes.
9. I love feeling and discovering new bones and muscles in my body. (have a funny story to share one day)
10. I honestly love that my parents truly do love me unconditionally, and have taught me to love my children the same way.
11. I love that I often feel overwhelmed at times, it means that God has given me much responsibility, as well as a gentle reminder that I am not to carry that alone.
12. I love that no matter what happens between my husband and I, divorce are just not an option for us. We are committed to one another, and devoted just the same.
13. I love that I am a hopeless romantic!
14. I love that I love the changes in the weather, and can enjoy a rainy/cloudy day just as I can enjoy a sunny day.
15. I love that my home feels like just that ~ a  home, and that I am satisfied to hang out there instead of going to every carnival, event, etc.. that comes around.
16. I love that I am easy to please.
17. I love that I am learning to love me, and even on days like today, when I don't feel so loveable and noticed, I am okay.
18. I love that I can be honest, and share my life so openly.

As for the compliments, I didn't do so good keeping up with them. I will have to find a better way to do that, and to record it.

From now on, I will be doing this weekly, so you can expect that on Saturday!


  1. Love reading these, Sheila! It's so inspiring and it actually makes me look at myself a little differently too! Thank you for that!


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