Monday, November 23, 2009

Beutiful You: Week 2

Beautifl You; Week 2
21 Things I discoverd this week that I love about me. (repetition is not intentional.)

1. I discovered that I am not afraid to push myself to reach a goal that many have said would be impossible.
2. I loved myself enough to appreciate each day for what it is worth.
3. I am slowly beginning to make changes in my daily life, not always looking for the future.
4. I love that my stomache is now becoming slim enough for one of my 7 year olds to ask "Where did your weight go?"
5. I love that shopping excites me again.
6. I love my eyes
7. My giggles, game me the belly laughs.
8. The uncontrollable compassion I have towards kids, just inspires me to seek that out for olders too.
9. I love that I can say "of course" when my mom needs my help.
10. I love that we have a family of 5 and it feels complete.
11. I love seeing new "bones" and realizing how much inches matter rather then pounds on the scale.
12. I love my nose! It is rather cute!
13. I love the self control that I have developed over time. I can easily say NO to some of my favorite treats, which used to be really hard for me.
14. I love that I feel like I am getting my "sexy" back.
15. I love the simple fact, that my children witnessing my weightloss will NOT set them on a bad track for themselves, but instead they will learn that health is important and should be a priority.
16. I love that I love to sing.
17. This challenge has really challenged me, and I honestly LOVE that. It is making me realize just how unique I am.
18. I love having one eye a bit smaller then the other.
19. I love the shape of my teeth. They are just naturally pretty.
20. I love the fact that I like to smell good!
21. Last, but not least..... I love my sense of passion for life lately.


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