Thursday, November 5, 2009

BY~ Day 1 & a quick update

Beautiful YOU: Day one

3 things I love about me:
1. My smile
2. My annkles (LOL! I know.. crazy)
3. I have a passion to inspire, and try to live my life just so.

2 compliments to give out today:
1. I am going to compliment my co teacher about her ability to bring the bible to life for our classroom.
2. I am going to compliment somone unsuspecting of their weightloss achievenents so far!

This afternoon, after the kids get out of school, I intend to drive to my parents house. Because of various things that have happened, I have been unable to get away to go see my Daddy. I have a delievery to take to them, and while I was going to go on Saturday, I think today is just as good of a day then any. I honestly can't wait!

Today is storybook parade day! I was going to be "rainbow fish" in a down low kinda way ( i have a few students who probably would not adjust well to Mrs. Sheila looking kinda wierd~ well more then normal ) but my plans didn't work out well, so I am using an alternative method instead. :) I will be normal me today. LOL

I am off. I need to transfer clothes into hte dryer, so I can fold when I return home before picking up kids from school. :) Have a FANTASTIC Thursday ~ and I can't wait to take a moment to catch up with you all over the weekend.

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